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Aqua Vale Swimming and Fitness Centre
Buckinghamshire, UK

Aqua Vale Swimming and Fitness Centre, in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire UK, features everything water lovers want. As well as a competition standard 25 metre pool, and a leisure pool, is the Glass House Pool, which makes Aqua Vale a unique attraction.

Designed by Faulkner Browns Architects, the Aqua Vale center was designed with a glass retractable roof over a central pool. The steel super structure was integrated into the building systems. OpenAire was engaged to add an aluminum retractable roof over this central pool area. Complete with matching green glass walls, the retractable roof is 2 operable panels sliding up a curved single slope structure. The two moving panels park under the upper fixed section when open – allowing. 2/3 of the space to be open to the sky. 

The 27m wide x 18m deep enclosure is called the Glass House and overlooks the adjacent park.

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