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Best Western Plus Lamplighter Inn
London, Ontario

The Challenge

Mr. Sheldon Aaron, President of Best Western Lamplighter Inn, wanted to create a ’destination’ hotel. He decided that the best way to achieve this was by creating a truly unique environment.

A place where visitors could experience sunshine, palm trees, pools, a waterfall and much more at any time of the year. Having a large, open courtyard and much more at any time of the year. Mr. Aaron saw the opportunity to create his ideal space when he found OpenAire.

The Solution

The resulting enclosed courtyard features a retractable polycarbonate roof that spans over 100 feet and stretches over 220 feet in length. By utilizing an OpenAire skylight Mr. Aaron was able to create his tropical paradise and make it accessible in winter or summer, a remarkable achievement in Ontario, Canada.

The OpenAire skylight can be opened whenever the weather permits to allow for a fresh air experience for much of the year. In inclement weather the roof remains closed but allows enough natural light in to make visitors feel like they are still outdoors. Hotel guests, whether they are swimming, attending a special function or just relaxing on the terrace, delight in the natural light and fresh air. The new Best Western Lamplighter Inn is an elegant conference center offering a remarkable urban experience for those who wish to get away from it all without leaving the comfort of a hotel.

Technical Information

The skylight is 101’-2″x223’-4″ and has 24 opening roof panels in 12 Bays. The rest of the roof is fixed. The entire roof is glazed with 1″ (25mm) polycarbonate. The operable panels and fixed central portion of the roof utilize clear polycarbonate while the fixed roof below is glazed with Opal (white translucent) polycarbonate. One end of the skylight has a Bermuda Hip with a small upper gable end glazed with 1″ (25mm) insulating glass. The other end of the skylight, at the front of the hotel, has a full upper gable end glazed with 1″ (25mm) insulating glass.

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