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Duck Creek RV Resort
Muskegon, MI

The ownership at Duck Creek RV Resort in Muskegon MI reached out to OpenAire to help with a solution for their new Aquatic Center. They were looking for a year round facility that would house the new and upgraded pools and aquatic features they are adding to the resort. However being an outdoors facility, they wanted something that would be indoor/outdoor with open sides so that the pool would always have that feel of being connected to the gorgeous environment around it.

They had seen the incredible new enclosure at Westward Shores and wanted a similar solution. We proposed creating a copy of the same size space! The ability to kick off the project more quickly with a pre-established overall parameters like footprint and height means Duck Creek can get in the long line for global shipping and material delays that have been caused by the Covid pandemic.

As a result coming soon will be a new deluxe campground experience for guests in the Michigan area. This year round incredible aquatic facility will be open rain or shine, no more days in the RV when the weather turns sour. We are excited to add this new facility to our portfolio of campgrounds and RV parks.

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Duck Creek RV Resort

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