Grand Cascades Lodge, Hamburg, NJ

The Challenge

The owners of the Grand Cascades Lodge at Crystal Springs Resort, located less than an hour from New York City, wanted to create a unique space for their clients to enjoy. In order to take advantage of the spectacular views and natural setting they wanted to have an aquatic area that offered an outdoor experience year round.

The owners also wanted to include the solar transmission advantages of ETFE panels in their new aquatic play area. Clear skies and sun tanning year round would help to create the exotic effect they were looking for.

The Solution

OpenAire provided the ideal solution, an operable-roofed building with ETFE glazing. The combination of ETFE in the operable-roofed structure provides natural light year round with fresh air in the summer season.

Thus was born the first ever truly operable ETFE roof. Not only does the operable roof "wow" patrons, it offsets the perennial problem of heat gain typically associated with ETFE applications.

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