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Kamakura Restaurant
Boston, MA

OpenAire created a 300-square-foot retractable skylight for a Kamakura Restaurant with Premier Property Solutions.

OpenAire’s double-slope skylight measures approximately 16-feet wide by 18 feet long and is divided into three telescoping sections. Two sections will slide under the third fixed section to open the venue’s upper dining area to the sky above, letting in the sights and sounds of the city. In cold or unfavourable conditions, the skylight’s motorized panels will close quickly at the touch of a button, letting guests enjoy outdoor-style dining any time of year.

The double-sloped roof panels will rest on glass sidewalls with the end wall having a 5-panel bi-folding window, that will provide a truly panoramic rooftop view. When completed, this skylight will offer the restaurant’s owners an original, durable and inviting design feature that will catch visitors’ attention and draw in business from across Boston. This is why OpenAire is proud to work with Kamakura Restaurant and Premier Property Solutions, LLC and add new life to this historic Boston nineteenth-century property.

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Kamakura Restaurant

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