Mission Valley YMCA Aquatic Center, San Diego, CA

OpenAire has had the great opportunity to cooperate with YMCA locations across the United States, allowing us to build multiple, all-seasons enclosures that enhance YMCA members’ recreation experiences while also reducing operating costs for YMCA facilities. It all began when the Mission Valley YMCA in San Diego, California was looking for a pool enclosure that would provide a warm, inviting, outdoor-style environment year round for members of all ages. There was, however, real concern from members that an enclosure would block out the sunlight and create a dull, closed atmosphere for the pool.

To alleviate these concerns from the members, the OpenAire team delivered an aluminum framed retractable roof enclosure that let in the abundant California sun while providing shelter year round. The owners of the Mission Valley YMCA Aquatic Center were extremely impressed with their pool enclosure. Other locations, including the Woodruff Family YMCA in Milford, CT, the Clark County YMCAs in Clark County and Vancouver, WA, and several others, later began to incorporate retractable enclosures at their facilities.

At Mission Valley, the center’s revenue from aquatic activities has increased more than 40% since opening their new enclosure. In Connecticut, the Woodruff Family YMCA’s original goal was to attract 2,000 new members in two years. Instead, their new facility brought in 3,000 new members in just a few months.

OpenAire’s designs have also been able to solve different challenges for several other YMCA locations. As with each of our projects, our experienced designers and engineers have created unique, functional, and visually striking structures with our YMCA facilities, building enclosures for pools and other facilities that blend organically with the existing centers while creating a stunning new look.

OpenAire’s signature thermally broken aluminum framed structures offer unbeatable durability, resisting corrosion from moisture and pool chemicals and thus reducing maintenance costs for each location. It’s no wonder why this combination of awe-inspiring design and durable construction has earned repeat business from the YMCA and many other clients.

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Mission Valley YMCA Aquatic Center

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