Pocahontas Aquatic Center, Pocahontas, AR

The Challenge

The town of Pocahontas, in northeastern Arkansas, planned to build a public aquatic center for residents of the entire county, with the aim of promoting health, fitness, recreation and sports in the region. The town wanted the building to be a landmark that citizens could be proud to call their own and use every day, as well as being cost-effective for the town.

The Solution

OpenAire was commissioned to create a 13,300 square foot retractable double-slope enclosure to house the Pocahontas Aquatic Center’s two pools and other facilities. This building was designed to create a unique, open environment that blends the indoors with the outdoors. The crystalline structure not only provides clear views of the town and skies, but also features 18 operable sliding windows and 14 retractable roof sliders that let in the sunshine and breezes of warm days, creating a truly outdoor feeling for swimmers of all ages to enjoy.

The enclosure will also create significant long-term savings for the Pocahontas Arkansas Aquatic Center compared to a traditional structure. The light-weight, thermally-broken aluminum frame is corrosion-proof, resisting chlorine from the pools and requires no maintenance. The combination of beautiful architecture with functional and efficient design has made the Pocahontas Arkansas Aquatic Center a major hit with the whole community.

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Pocahontas Aquatic Center

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