Private Residence, Toronto

The Challenge

The owner of this exotic home wanted to create a lush tropical pool area that was all about light, space and elegance. The owner also had an interest in astronomy that he hoped to indulge with his own observatory.

The solution

OpenAire gave architectural expression to the project by designing several skylights, one of which is an operable skylight situated directly over the pool. At the touch of a button, the panels retract to let in sunshine and fresh air. The portico over the front entrance was also done by OpenAire to continue the same look.

OpenAire also designed and installed a unique operable dome to meet the needs of the observatory. The dome opens 50% of its area and can then rotate 360 degrees. This allows the stargazer to point his telescope in any direction.

Technical Information

The skylight over the pool is 24’x34’ with 4 operable roof panels. The skylight is glazed with 1″ (25mm) clear insulating glass and has hip ends. The 14’ diameter dome is glazed with 1″ (25mm) clear insulating glass.

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Private Residence, Toronto, ON

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