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Restoration Hardware at Three Arts Club
Chicago, IL

The Three Arts Club, a former Women’s residence and club built in 1914, has re-opened as Restoration Hardware’s flagship Chicago store. Built of brick masonry and terra cotta, the building is both a City of Chicago Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places. Backen, Gillam, Kroeger Architects designed the newly renovated building including the closing in of the central courtyard which is topped off by a fixed skylight from OpenAire and a motorized window wall on one side.

The OpenAire team worked with the architectural team to design an enclosure that would fit the gallery’s historic architecture and create a completely original, harmonious space. The details for this all aluminum skylight are meant to looks like a historic steel structure, yet include all the modern technological benefits of thermal breaks and UV protection. The resulting stunning installation takes the store to another level, allowing it to be used year round for events of all types. The skylight is 43’4” square with one 9ft tall wall of motorized venting windows. OpenAire designed and installed the fixed skylight and a custom perimeter aluminum gutter on three of four sides.

Awards: 2017 ULI Vision Award – Transformational Retail Award, 2016 Chicago Landmark Award for Preservation Excellence

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