Salinas Aquatic Center, Salinas, CA

Part of the Central Coast YMCA group, the existing Salinas Aquatic Center Facility pool was in a fifty-year-old facility, and was in serious need of an update. It had significant accessibility issues, the locker rooms were run down, and attendance had dropped. It was time for something new. After looking at a number of alternatives, the decision was made to build a brand new indoor aquatic center.

The city was looking to construct a facility that was cost-effective and would provide a strong sense of public identity. In addition, a key requirement of the project was that the new building had to qualify for LEED certification.

OpenAire designed and built the beautiful structure in collaboration with GLASS ARCHITECTS, the designers of the Aquatic Center. Together, the two firms have changed the way Salinas patrons swim and play. The new Aquatic Center has a 73’ x 75’ lap and activity pool that is protected from the elements by the 100’ x 110’ OpenAire enclosure.

Designed with OpenAire’s exclusive maintenance-free thermally broken aluminum framing system, the enclosure features an operable roof that can open up to 50% in good weather. Translucent polycarbonate panels transmit an abundance of natural light, and 15’ high vertical walls made of glass let in even more sunshine – and provide great views of the beautifully landscaped grounds.

The beautiful new Salinas Aquatic Center is a big hit with residents – and achieved its goal by receiving LEED Gold Certification. The modern, appealing facility is fun, offering more programs and increased accessibility. Satisfaction is high, and attendance has never been better.

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Salinas Aquatic Center YMCA

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