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Stock Brook Manor
Billericay, UK

The Challenge

The owners of Stock Brook Manor were delighted with the success of their new outdoor pool, but recognized that English weather is fickle and limits outdoor swimming time for guests. Stock Brook decided that enclosing the pool would extend the swim season year – round thereby maximizing their pools potential.

They sought to find a quality design solution that would attractively complement the existing architecture, as well as being simple to use and requiring little maintenance.

The Solution

The client chose the OpenAire team to custom-design and engineer a “BarrelVault Skylight”. By using stretch form technology, individual pieces were shaped to match the radii required. The result – a curved, retractable roof that rises approximately 2.5 metres above the existing wall surround and opens up to 50% of the roof area.

Stock Brook Manor

Technical Information

OpenAire’s BarrelVault Skylight spans 19.81 m, using 25 mm quintuple-wall clear polycarbonate as the glazing material. Both upper gable ends are glazed with 25 mm Low ‘E’ insulated glass units, to achieve the same appearance of the existing double-glazed walls of the pool surround.

All twelve bays are positioned over the pool and with a ‘flip of the switch’, the indoor pool is transformed into an outdoor pool in minutes. The interior is bathed in light and fresh air as each curved operable panel retracts 50% of the rafter length. A low voltage (24 volt dc) motor is discreetly designed into each bay. To reduce thrust on the existing steel, OpenAire has used stainless steel collar ties at each rafter.

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Stock Brook Manor

Project Photos