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The Modern Castle of York
Vaughan, Ontario

The Modern Castle of York is an exceptional private residence in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada that features an OpenAire roof over the property’s pool. The opening roof can be viewed at 3:20 on the video posted above.

The 33’ x 13’ retractable roof over the private pool is a maintenance-free, thermally broken aluminum framing system built to withstand the moist, chemical aquatic atmosphere of a pool environment and never needs to be repainted.

When the roof is open, heat rises, and air conditioning and dehumidification aren t needed, offering incredible energy savings. And when the roof is closed, thermal breaks and vapor barriers control condensation, and air filtration reduces the need for air conditioning and long-running dehumidification systems –  all of which adds up to energy savings of up to 27% over traditional construction

With a maintenance-free aluminum truss structure and a decreased dependence on artificial lighting, dehumidification and air conditioning, this retractable roof costs less to operate and maintain, offering tremendous long-term value – and exceptional beauty.

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