Three Bears Brewery, Banff, Alberta

This restaurant and brewery in Banff, Alberta, Canada was looking for a way to include the beautiful Northern Canadian scenery and Rocky Mountains into their space.

Working with Three Bears Brewery and the Banff Hospitality Collective, we were able to design and build a retractable glass roof over a 970 square foot area of the restaurant, allowing guests to experience that outdoor feeling while dining. The retractable roof measures approximately 23 feet by 42 feet, with one double slope telescoping skylight, and two operable glass panels. Each section is wider and higher than the adjacent section to allow the sections to nest under each other while the roof is open.

With this addition to the restaurant, guests can now see the beauty of Banff, as well as the fresh mountain air, right from their table.

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Three Bears Brewery, Banff, Alberta

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