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Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club
Toronto, Ontario

toronto cricket club

The Challenge

The Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club had long debated about what to do with the club’s outdoor pool. A number of long-time members were adamant about their desire to swim outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in the summer months. But others wanted to enjoy the pool year-round, while many potential members were waiting for an indoor pool to be built before signing up.

The solution needed to appease all members and its design had to fit with the traditional look of this private club.

The Solution

Partnering with Toronto’s McCormack Architects, OpenAire created an elegant solution that would please everyone. OpenAire worked closely with the architectural firm to design, manufacture and install a unique retractable pool enclosure that literally turns the indoor pool into an outdoor one whenever the weather allows.

The enclosure is a beautiful, modern shape that enhances the traditional look of the mid-century flat-roofed structure around it. The curved roof bends gently towards a clear glass wall, creating an elegant space while enhancing the image of one of Toronto’s most popular private clubs.

The 75’ by 97’ enclosure houses a 25m lap pool with has a retractable polycarbonate roof and 1″ insulated glass sidewalls. The roof features rain sensors that close up the panels at the first sign of precipitation. A state-of-the-art touch screen interface makes it simple to operate, and offers at-a-glance controls for automation, HVAC, and more.

The long roof panels retract from the eaves up, allowing the roof to open up over 50% to just beyond the apex of the curved roof. The sidewalls are made up of 10’-5″ multiple stacking doors, which all move aside into a small stacking bay, leaving two walls completely open to the air.

OpenAire also created an 8’ high, 70’ long glass-enclosed viewing mezzanine that overlooks the pool area. Built onto the second floor of the adjoining building, it was an element of the project that required careful planning.

The final product at Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club is a stunning space that offers an experience no other club in Toronto can match.

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