Turtle Island Waterpark at Skydancer Casino, Belcourt ND

Working with DSGW Architects from Minnesota, OpenAire was asked to develop a solution to bring in fresh air and sunshine to a waterpark that was already under construction. OpenAire’s design team developed a 110 ft x 70ft skylight and some vertical curtain wall to bring in a tonne of air and sunlight to the park. Under construction the new waterpark is connected to the Skydancer Casino and will be open in 2022-2023.

From the Skydancer website: "Turtle Island" is one Native American name for the North American continent. Just 30 miles from its exact geographic center is the Turtle Mountain area of North Dakota itself a sort of island. These green, wooded hills are a cool oasis in the northern Great Plains."

This is the center of life for the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, a highly adventurous, adaptable and resourceful people who have a most unique and colorful heritage. Today's Tribal members are descendants of the legendary Chiefs, warriors, buffalo hunters, traders, trappers, Red River cart and dogsled freighters, and voyagers. The marriage of European and Indian ways is a very long one; the Turtle Mountain Chippewa entrepreneur spirit dates back to the early French fur trade."

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Turtle Island Waterpark at Skydancer Casino

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