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Water Palace at Luzhniki Olympic Park
Moscow, Russia

The Challenge:

After Moscow was selected to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the world-class city knew it needed to upgrade its famous Water Palace at Luzhniki Olympic Park complex for the event. In addition to renovating many other areas of the 153-hectare complex, Luzhniki chose OpenAire to create a skylight to cover its expansive new Water Palace Waterpark and recreation facility. The venue needed a design that could adapt to changing weather conditions and also stand out on the world stage.

The Solution:

Luzhniki Olympic Complex teamed with OpenAire to create a customized polycarbonate retractable skylight for the entire facility, stretching from end to end covering both the waterpark and the recreation centre.

This 4,200 square-metre double-sloped enclosure will create a unique environment for swimmers of all ages, opening up to the sun and fresh air of warm days, yet closing quickly and securely at the first sign of precipitation or in cold weather.  The lightweight, aluminum-framed enclosure will measure 50.9m wide by 138m long and rest on two 1 metre-high sidewalls and two vertical ends. The length is divided into 23 bays spaced 6m apart, with 10 motorized roof panels that open smoothly and quickly thanks to a custom-designed rack and pinion motor system provided by OpenAire.

The result is an outdoor-style facility that can operate and stay warm through Moscow’s bitter winters. It is sure to make a lasting impression on athletes and visitors for years to come. Read more about the Water Palace at Luzhniki Olympic Park 

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Water Palace at Luzhniki Olympic Park Retractable Skylight

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