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Water-Zoo Indoor Waterpark
Clinton, OK

Water-Zoo Indoor Waterpark

Owned by Schumacher Investments South LLC, a Schumacher company, sought to turn Water-Zoo into one of the largest entertainment complexes complete with hotels and restaurants. The vision for Water-Zoo was to be a great new place for Clinton residents to play, and promises to become a popular destination for out-of-town visitors, which will be a boon to the local economy.

Walter Schumacher, the owner, did a tremendous amount of homework and due diligence, and chose an operable OpenAire solution because of its unique appeal. Water-Zoo Indoor Waterpark, the first indoor water park in Clinton, opened its 132’ (40.2m) x 184’ (56.1m) OpenAire retractable roof enclosure in September 2012. Complete with a mezzanine-level playground, the 28,000 square foot Water-Zoo Indoor Waterpark can open its roof when the weather is warm enough, so Clinton residents will feel fresh air flooding the building. Humidity is naturally exhausted through the opening; therefore, dehumidification systems can be turned off, which saves energy. And the polycarbonate roof and insulated glass enclosure lets in plenty of sunlight, which saves on lighting as well. During the winter months when the roof is closed solar gain naturally warms the enclosure offsetting some e of the heating requirements. The glass enclosed water park is climate controlled for patrons to enjoy 80 degree temperature year round.

“OpenAire really is the ideal solution for waterparks,” says David Bolwerk, Vice President Sales & Marketing, OpenAire. “Revenues are never at the mercy of the weather, which dramatically increases profitability.”

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