Retractable Roofs Are A Competitive Advantage For Independent Living Communities

Heritage El Dorado Hills

On average when a decision is being made to select a Independent Living Community the future resident and their children tend to visit about five locations before making a decision. Among items they evaluate are location, price, occupancy, services and … amenities. If you’re looking to stand out and gain a competitive advantage you may want to consider how a “retractable roof” could make your facility unique.

We’ll get there but first let’s discuss Aquatic Therapy. Aquatic therapy is among the most popular (and doctor-recommended) exercise methods for seniors, with good reason. It is a low-impact and low-risk exercise which promotes strength and muscle tone. The problem is that most Independent Living Communities still lack an adequate aquatic center due to maintenance and cost issues. This means that the only alternative to their residents is to seek out local recreation centers and then organize transportation to get to a local pool.

But what if there were a better option that:

  • Is maintenance free
  • Costs up to 30% less to operate than a traditional aquatic center
  • Creates a focal point of your facility
  • Create a significant competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Enhances the lives of your residents year-round

Well, look no further. Adding a retractable enclosure to aquatic centres is the solution that provides all of the above!

Spaces like this are filled with sunlight reducing reliance on lighting and power grids, can be filled with flora and fauna and, with one space, cover the needs of a wide range of residential requirements. An aquatic center can be more than a nice amenity for occasional use. It is common for pool enclosures to include areas for stretching, hot tubs, therapy pools, lounging, cafe-style eating, reading, gardens and more. These are just a few scenarios where owners can provide their residences within one recreational area.

Not only will this improve residents’ longevity, but this unique recreational asset should be a MUST for all Independent living communities allowing for enhanced programming, happier residents and happier care staff. The cost of staff retention, even new resident admissions, is high. There is no doubt that creating a safer, healthier space that can be used year-round (and during pandemics like covid) is a solution that Independent Living communities should consider. This feature will serve as an added value to your community. It will be a positive factor for recruiting new clients, creating access to fresh air and the outdoors (another feature many retirement communities lack), thus generating larger revenue and overall ROI.

Seniors typically suffer from cold temperatures when exposed to outdoor air, even in warm climates. As such indoor swimming pools are an ideal solution – where temperatures can be controlled, and swimming ceases to be seasonal. There are endless benefits of aquatic therapy for elders, and access to this curriculum should be essential in retirement communities for both physical and social reasons. Whether you’re building your center from scratch or adding to an existing structure, investing in a retractable roof aquatic center is a win-win for residents and staff.

OpenAire has built numerous retractable roof aquatic facilities for retirement communities around the US and Canada. Contact us for more information.