Retractable Roofs Are a Winning Trend for Municipal Aquatic Facilities

Municipalities everywhere are looking for ways to make the best use of their parks and recreation facilities; strategies that allow them to operate sustainably year-round, as well as attracting and satisfying residents from as many demographics as possible. In many communities, a new trend in swimming pool and aquatic attraction usage has emerged over the past two decades: unique aquatic facilities with programming for people of all ages and all abilities are growing in demand among municipalities of all sizes. To meet this demand, many municipal aquatic developments have found that OpenAire aluminum-framed retractable roofs are a winning choice. OpenAire retractable roofs bring year-round reliability, outdoor-style atmospheres, and significant energy and maintenance savings for facilities in every location and climate. These advantages let aquatic venues of all sizes operate sustainably while offering users the varied programs they need, no matter what time of year it is and what the weather is outside.

As demographic trends and community needs shift, traditional outdoor flat-water pools are no longer meeting citizens’ needs. Senior citizens have looked for heated therapy pools, for example, while groups such as school aquatic programs have been in need of facilities to practice water sports, and diving schools have looked for pools that can be used for SCUBA lessons. Many such programs must run year-round in order to be viable. For many municipalities, it is also important to maintain a pleasant atmosphere and temperature, while also reducing operating costs in order to achieve sustainability in their aquatic facilities.

The answer to all these challenges often lies in developing parks with retractable enclosures from OpenAire, which in addition to letting aquatic facilities operate programs throughout the year, also reduces lighting and ventilation costs while providing an inviting, naturally-lit, outdoor atmosphere for guests. Aquatic parks that install OpenAire enclosures enjoy an average annual savings of 27% on energy costs, as well as significantly improved indoor air quality and temperature regulation thanks to the natural air circulation that occurs when the structures are opened.

Many municipalities have been able to design more versatile and multipurpose facilities than they would have otherwise thanks to the efficiencies and cost-savings that OpenAire offers. Recent satisfied municipalities include: the town of Paragould, Arkansas (population 27,465), Pocahontas Aquatic Center in Randolph County, AR (population 17,469), Allan Witt Aquatics Complex in Fairfield, CA (pop. 114,756), Lompoc Aquatic Center in Lompoc, CA (pop. 43,712), Batesville Community Center and Aquatic Center in Batesville, AR (pop. 10,740), and many others. Learn more about these projects and more here.

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