Save Up to 27% on Energy Costs

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Rosemary Beach Club

OpenAire's retractable roof at Rosemary Beach Club Retirement Center in Panama City Beach, Florida.

A retractable roof enclosure offers many benefits to your health and sports club: it shields the patio and pool against the elements (enabling you to appreciate and utilize the outside all-year-around), it is eye-catching and attractive (making your club stand out from its competitors), and it is durable (its aluminum and won’t corrode). Another one of its exemplary benefits is energy saving, enabling your club to save up to 27% annually on energy bills taking advantage of natural lighting and ventilation when installed over an aquatic facility.

OpenAire’s retractable roof enclosures and skylights, in particular, outperform traditional buildings in some key metrics:

  •         Life-cycle costs are lower,
  •         The environmental impact is less, and
  •         User’s health and satisfaction are invariably higher.

OpenAire achieves significant energy and operational savings by the use of our special extruded thermally broken aluminum profiles, thermal breaks, and vapor barriers. It provides a tremendous reduction in heat loss, increasing thermal performance.

Achieving significant energy savings up to 27% annually (aquatic) and the added bonus of reduced cost of operations, truly make OpenAire the best solution for almost any opening roof system. Contact us today to learn more.

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