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Skylight Design

OpenAire’s skylight design experts take pride in bringing clients’ unique visions to life. Working with developers, owners, architects and engineers, our skylight design experts incorporate materials, function and aesthetics as they work from initial design to installation. Bringing talent and passion to the table, they go beyond the imagination of our clients to create beautiful, functional work that exceeds expectations.

It’s more than architecture and engineering – it’s pure magic.

Restoration Hardware

Skylight Design Features

The scale and scope of OpenAire skylights range from domes and fixed skylights to 140’-150’ free-span retractable roofs, to supported retractable roofs of up to 300’. Technically innovative features such as curved roofs, large cupolas, and smart engineering to handle special environmental challenges such as the weight of snow or the heat of the dessert, are all factored into making breathtaking, sky-filled designs. Our mission is to create beautiful, custom skylights that open up the sun, air and stars.

All Encompassing Solutions

Overall design and project management capabilities enable creative and efficient project development with experienced professionals guiding the project from idea to completion and beyond.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of experts will oversee all aspects of the project design, build and component selection. Our team can provide the complete solution or any portion thereof. Our expertise encompasses architectural and engineering services including foundations, design, mechanical/air handling, and electrical design and supply. We also provide construction management support for the skylight design and construction of the total project including ancillary buildings, such as all front-of-house amenities (change rooms, F+B, entertainment, retail, etc.); all back-of-house facilities (MEP, HVAC, offices, admin, etc.); design, supply and installation of equipment; and ongoing project management.

All-Season Versatility

OpenAire custom skylight solutions open up your project to an exciting range of versatile all-season options. Our retractable roof systems allows your customers to experience the indoor and outdoor environments they enjoy during warm weather and protects them from the elements when the weather becomes inclement.


Skilled skylight design architects and our close network of project component suppliers ensure your project is customized to meet your overall vision. All projects are designed to suit your brand position, site parameter, style and budget. Wood, stone, slate, standing seams, stucco, block, and brick can be incorporated to get the exact look you want.

All Aluminum Thermally Broken System and Vapor Barriers

The all aluminum frame is maintenance free as aluminum does not rust or corrode in the moist chemical atmosphere of an indoor aquatic facility. The frame is painted with a baked on finish that can withstand the harsh water chemical. Vapour barriers are used to keep the skylights and enclosures free from water and air infiltration.

Ease of Use

State-of-the-art retractable roof panels open and close with the touch of a button, and optional rain sensors automatically close the roof at the first drop of rain. Fully integrated operating systems allow for automation of all waterpark components. Remote servicing by OpenAireprofessionals provides external monitoring as needed.

Sliding, Bi-Folding and/or Overhead Doors

Doors around the perimeter complement a retractable roof so you can open up your structure completely, allowing natural breezes to flow through the environment. Opening the roof creates a chimney effect which exhausts moisture and chloramines created when chemicals in the pool evaporate into the air. As the bad air leaves, the building environment naturally replenishes itself by drawing fresh air in through the open doors.

Energy Efficiency

Opening the roof allows your HVAC systems to be turned off as the natural ventilation eliminates the need for dehumidification or air conditioning. With the abundance of natural light radiating through the glazed roof and sidewalls, there is no need for additional lighting. During the winter months, the solar gain absorbed by the skylights and roof panels offsets heating costs. Just like during the summer months, lighting costs are reduced. All of these features add up to a tremendous energy savings.