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Theme & Water Park Retractable Roofs

Want an indoor AND an outdoor venue at the push of a button? Do you want to move a wall? Slide a roof? Open a seemingly closed building….?

The most innovative theme environments in the world need a custom solution for transforming spaces. Consider a water parkretractable roof!

Drive Revenue All Year!

There are a growing number of themeparks, waterparks, FECs, aquariums, zoos, and other entertainment facilities around the world. Each of which has two things in common… the negative impact of bad weather and their reputation for awing guests with incredible experiences.

If you want to be open year round, yet offer customers both an indoor and outdoor experience, a retractable roof is the answer you need. If you want to transform a space for your guests, you have come to the right place.

No More Down Days Due To Weather!

Traditionally built for smaller municipal pool or massive stadiums… Retractable roofs, operable walls and moving buildings are new to the themed entertainment industry. OpenAire can help.

With our custom engineered solutions in aluminum and steel, we can work with your design team from concept to opening day to ensure you get the space you need.

Our designers and engineers can move a roof, the walls, maybe even slide an entire building out of the way…