Custom Designed Enclosures

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I want a custom designed enclosure. Can OpenAire build an enclosure that suits my particular size, shape or design requirements?

Yes! From gracefully soaring arched roofs to dramatic pyramid skylights to record-breaking domes, OpenAire has adapted its designs to many different styles spectacularly.

OpenAire’s customized enclosure designs are built to match our clients' unique specifications and needs, providing energy efficiency, durable engineering, maintenance-free materials and awe-inspiring architecture for venues of every kind. Whether you are designing a residential enclosure, a restaurant patio, an expansive indoor water park, a community centre, a shopping mall or any number of other destinations, OpenAire will use just the right materials and technologies to bring your dream to life.

Our global team of engineers and design specialists have created structures that blend seamlessly with an existing building’s architecture, as well as entirely new structures that meet and exceed expectations. OpenAire’s customizable design techniques allow you to choose the glazing materials, colors and dimensions that fit your vision precisely.

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