With an OpenAire Roof, the Jays Wouldn't Need to Worry about Opening the Dome

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As the decisive MLB playoff game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers came near on Wednesday, October 14, Jays fans everywhere were upset to learn that their iconic home stadium the Rogers Centre would be keeping its retractable dome closed during the game. Baseball fans in Toronto always look forward to seeing their team play under the open skies offered by the Centre's fully-retractable dome, but on the day of Game 5 of the American League Division Series, engineers were concerned that the evening's forecasted 55.4ºF (13ºC) temperatures might cause the aging dome machinery to seize up, leaving fans and players unprotected from a possible rain storm. Twitter was soon flooded with upset fans asking for the dome to be opened, including Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly. All of these problems could have been avoided using a better retractable roof design.

At OpenAire, our design and engineering teams are industry leaders in customized retractable roof solutions. We have built fully retractable, energy efficient enclosures in every climate possible, from arid deserts to the snowy subarctic. Our precision-manufactured roof components and motors don't just function at 55.4ºF (13ºC), they have been built to retract flawlessly at just above freezing 38ºF (3ºC) and up at venues such as Jay Peak Resort in Vermont. OpenAire is also no stranger to retractable domes; in fact, we set the record for the largest free-standing retractable aluminum dome in the world when we designed the enclosure for Aqua Sferra Water Park in Ukraine. Measuring 86 feet high and 278 feet in diameter, this breathtaking structure allows the water park inside to stay open in any weather, closing at the touch of a button whenever needed.

The Rogers Centre's dome has suffered from mechanical problems for several years now. In 2012, a sudden rain shower left thousands of baseball fans soaked and the infield a muddy mess as the dome struggled to close for almost 45 minutes. OpenAire's retractable roofs are built to close quickly, quietly and reliably, usually in just a few minutes, letting the activity inside continue uninterrupted. Even at Aqua Sferra, one of our biggest designs, the roof panels have always closed in 10 minutes or less. We promise this kind of reliability to all our clients with a worry-free five-year warranty on every installation. With the quality design of a lightweight, energy-efficient OpenAire retractable roof or dome, sports fans never have to shout for venue owners to #OpenTheDome.

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