3 Ways A Retractable Pool Roof Can Increase Revenue

open aire

The YMCA, one of the worlds largest not for profit organizations, is competing with municipalities and other for profit recreation centres to meet the needs of their community, and as such many need to up their game. YMCA’s put nearly all revenue back into the organization, so when looking for ways to improve your facility, it needs to be something that can bring in more people so you can give back more to the community in which you operate.

A retractable pool roof is arguably the single biggest change you can make to set your establishment apart from the rest. You will be able to get the most out of your swimming pool, satisfy guests, and reduce operating costs as compared to a traditional pool building by installing a retractable pool roof. Here are three ways that it can increase your revenue:

  • Outdoor pools can stay open year round

With a retractable roof, you don’t have to close your pool during the cooler winter months nor cancel or offer only seasonal programming. The retractable roof will shield your guests from foul weather so that they can enjoy your pool all year round and allows you to expand your programs to further meet the needs of the community you serve.

  • Rainy days can be fun days

Remember when, as a child, you used to hate rainy days because it meant you couldn’t go outside to play or swim? With a retractable pool roof, rainy days can be fun days for the whole family.

  • Best of both open sky and a closed enclosure

OpenAire enclosures attract and delight guests by satisfying the human craving to be outdoors. Our indoor-outdoor designs offers the best of both worlds: being able to move around in a sunlight environment with perfect swimming conditions while not being subject to harsh weather outside.

OpenAire has been in business for over 30 years and can participate in your project from design to manufacturing, through to construction and installation. This includes providing architectural and engineering services and service support. In addition through our global network we can offer operations support, financial/investment planning, business planning and other design build support to help you accomplish your mission. We also offer the best full warranty in the industry. For more information, contact us today.