4 Reasons to Invest in an Aquatic Therapy Pool

Heritage El Dorado Hills

Lennar Heritage 160707 4323C webHaving a pool in a retirement community offers several great benefits, not only for the residents, but also for the facility itself. In an aging community, a pool, especially when used for aquatic therapy, is a public service that will make members healthier and happier, as well as improve on the drawing power of the facility itself. Here are four reasons why you should invest in an aquatic therapy pool.

Fall Reduction

Over the age of 65, it is more likely a person can experience falls. By 80 years of age, half of all seniors will experience a fall, which is a serious wellness concern.

Good workout programs, presented with the aid of a pool, can help seniors develop the strength to prevent themselves from falling. These programs help seniors to improve their posture and walking ability in an aquatic environment. The water provides safety and support as they gain mastery over their stride. Over time, the therapy can be moved out of the pool as the individuals gain the strength and confidence to walk.

Wellness Programs

Aside from fall prevention, a therapy pool can be used to provide a variety of wellness and fitness programs. Because water resistance aids and supports the body as it goes through various exercise routines, elderly people have been found to experience far greater levels of enjoyment and progress when working out in an aquatic environment. They push themselves beyond their limits without any fear of falling or risk of injury.

Pain-Free Weight Loss

Aquatic therapy pools enable great cardiovascular exercise without the aches, pains, and stresses that land-based exercises often cause for overweight people. Underwater treadmills have become quite popular, giving elderly, overweight people the opportunity to enjoy a jog with the buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure of the water helping them to keep moving while it removes the pain of impact.

Attract More Revenue

Aside from improving the health of residents, the addition of an aquatic therapy pool adds to your facilities and becomes a major selling point for would-be residents. There is also the possibility of using the pool to offer wellness programs to non-residents, who could pay membership fees and visit your pool for training on a regular basis. You can, thus, both attract more residents and increase your revenue streams by expanding your customer base.

OpenAire strongly believes that swimming pools are a public health service, whether in municipal settings or in the private environment of a retirement community. OpenAire contributes to the provision of these services through the design and construction of enclosures that can be used to house swimming pools. OpenAire has built numerous aquatic facilities for retirement communities around the US.  Contact us for more information.