8 Ways You Will Benefit from Joining a YMCA Today

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OpenAire's Magdalena Ecke YMCA in Encinitas California

YMCAJoining a YMCA might be the best investment you make in yourself this year. Does that sound like a bold statement? Well, take a look at these eight benefits and you’ll probably be signing up for your YMCA membership right away! 

Get Motivated

If you’re looking for fresh motivation to revive your health and fitness program, then joining the YMCA might give you just the reboot you need. Being in a new environment and surrounded by fellow exercisers and trainers is often the motivation you need to get moving. 

Get Healthy

Committing to a regular exercise program not only improves your strength, tone, and fitness, but it also helps reduce the risk of several common health conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, and stress-related illnesses. Being a regular visitor to the YMCA helps you live longer and better.

Increase Your Energy Levels

Regular exercise also boosts your energy levels and mood. You will never leave the gym feeling worse than you did when you walked in. Exercise releases endorphins, even as it stretches and taxes your body. You may feel exhausted - but never unhappy!

Make Friends

The YMCA offers great opportunities for socializing and forming new friendships with like-minded people. You might find people who always go to the pool, the free weights section or your favorite class at the same time as you. Then you strike up a conversation and find that you have made training buddies. From there, you might make friends for life.

Get Access to Equipment

Sometimes working out at home just isn’t enough to get and keep you motivated. Sure, you could do a decent workout with your own body weight. But, sometimes you may need more than that – more variation, more precision. At a YMCA, you have full access to all the gym equipment you could need.

Let a Good Challenge Push You to the Next Level

YMCAs offer programs and challenges that help you to take control of your fitness and push through to some goals that you had never attempted before. Take a class, speak to a trainer, structure your workouts, and track your progress.

Get the Assistance You Need

With fitness trainers and classes that target specific areas of your body and fitness regimen, you get all the help you need to maximize your exercise routine.

No Contracts or Annual Fees

You could get many of these benefits at other gyms... But, one thing that sets YMCAs apart is their affordability and their reasonable membership structures. There are no annual fees, no contracts locking you in for fixed periods, and no upfront payments. You can pay as you go and you can even work out at other YMCA branches for a small additional fee.

A major plus is when you join a YMCA with an indoor pool for year-round swimming. 

OpenAire specializes in the design and construction of enclosures and retractable roofs used over these pools. Among the YMCAs that we have built state-of-the-art enclosures for are the following: 

  • The Woodruff YMCA in Milford, Connecticut; 
  • McGrath YMCA in Spring Valley, California; 
  • Copley-Price YMCA, San Diego, California; and 
  • Clark County YMCA in Vancouver, Washington.

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