Creating Year-Round Fitness Programming

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Running a health and sports club with indoor and outdoor facilities means maximizing programs seasonally… unless you have a retractable roof that makes year-round fitness programming possible. OpenAire can custom design a retractable roof solution to suit any project, site or geography. Our portfolio features almost 1,000 projects of all sizes and shapes, in terrains and climates all over the world. This is not restricted to facilities in cold climates, all climates can benefit from a year round space.

When you hire OpenAire for a retractable roof installation at your health and sports club, seasonal programming for sports such as swimming can become a thing of the past. Imagine what else could be possible if you were able to offer members a climate-controlled environment with great views of the outdoors regardless of the weather? Tennis, volleyball, basketball, the options are endless. Not only will you be able to maximize the profit of every square foot of your establishment, but you will be able to continue to please and engage guests year round.

  • Experience Significant Energy And Operational Savings

Our retractable roof enclosures and skylights outperform traditional buildings in a few important key metrics. Not only is user health and satisfaction invariably higher, but life cycle costs are lower, the environmental impact is less, and energy and operational cost savings are achieved. In an aquatic venue, the retractable roof skylights and enclosures can save operators and owners up to 30% in energy costs in a typical year.

  • Case study: Stock Brook Manor

The owners of Stock Brook Manor were delighted with the success of their new outdoor pool but recognized that English weather is fickle and limits outdoor swimming time for guests. Stock Brook decided that enclosing the pool would extend the swim season year-round, thereby maximizing their pools potential. Check out this Case Study to find out how we worked with Stock Brook Manor on their retractable roof design and installation.

sports club

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