Design Tips: How to Reduce Operating Costs for Your Municipal Pool

Reduce Municipal Pool Costs

There is no doubt that operating a municipal pool can be a costly exercise. You have to think about electricity costs, as well as water and general maintenance expenses. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when designing a municipal pool project in order to keep these costs to a minimum:

Keep Heat Inside

You will not have to worry about pool heating costs if you make sure that the temperature of the air surrounding the pool is always at an optimal level (almost the same as the temperature of the water). But how do you do this if the municipal pool is outdoors? The secret lies in retractable roof systems. These systems can be controlled to open up wide when it is warm and sunny (giving you the outdoor pool you want), and to close up tight when weather conditions are no longer pleasant (providing you with a beautiful pool enclosure the rest of the year). They can be heated in winter and summer breezes provide optimum ventilation. All this to say that you will spend less money heating an outdoor pool because by aligning the temperature of the pool and surrounding air you reduce pool evaporation and the cost of refilling and subsequently the cost of heating the water. 


Regular swimming pool maintenance is essential if you want to keep running costs manageable. This means maintaining every aspect of the municipal pool and associated equipment per manufacturer’s instructions. It also means replacing pool equipment as soon as you notice that it is no longer working as efficiently. Equipment that is actually housed indoors for your retractable roof indoor/outdoor pool environment won’t be affected by hard outdoor climate conditions which can help prolong its life span.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

It is not always just the pool itself that can lead to high operating expenses. Other aspects within the aquatic centre may be contributing too. Lighting is probably the most notable culprit in this regard. Reduce costs dramatically by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs. Also installing a translucent or transparent roof or skylight above your pool means that daytime use of lighting is drastically reduced. The result is you are only operating emergency lighting during the day, and allowing natural sunlight to illuminate the remainder of the space. 

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