Dive-in Movies: A Great Project for Your Municipal Pool!

Drive in Movies - Retractable roof system

Pools can be a wonderful space to host social events and to encourage the community to come together! Use the town of Atikokan in Ontario as a source of inspiration! They recently hosted their very first-ever ‘dive-in’ movie at their local pool. 

Dive-In Movies?

It is the new-age, and slightly wetter, equivalent of the old-school ‘drive-in’ movie craze. Why not float around in the water while watching an awesome movie on the big screen? It certainly lends a new experience to the activity! 

The town of Atikokan hosted their dive-in movie event in May this year, and it was a roaring success. The best part? They chose their film wisely and broadcast the cult classic ‘Jaws’. Talk about a thrill to watch such a scary classic movie while swimming around in the water yourself! 

According to the town’s community services manager, the goal of the event was to encourage people to spend more time using the municipal pool so that the facility would be able to be maintained for years to come. They also offered popcorn and drinks, along with comfortable floating chairs to the public at a very reasonable fee, which also helped with fund-raising. 

Definitely an option for an event to consider hosting at your own municipal pool…  

But What About the Weather?

Weather is always a top concern when planning a social event that is sure to draw in large numbers of people. So, what if the rain, cold or snow threatens your upcoming dive-in event? If you have invested in a retractable roof system, which allows you to open and close the entire swimming pool at the push of a button, you will not have to worry about what the weather looks like outside! The event will go on as planned regardless… 

Here at OpenAire, we specialize in these incredible retractable roofing systems for municipal pools. If you would like to learn more about them, please be sure to contact us today!