Enclosed Swimming Pools Mean Access to Great Activities Year-Round for Hotel Guests

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OpenAire's retractable roof over the pool in Batumi Plaza in The Republic of Georgia.

swimming pool

A swimming pool is an essential part of a good hotel’s facilities, allowing guests the opportunity to cool off and enjoy some aquatic relaxation in the hot summer months. But then again, why should the benefits offered by a swimming pool be confined to summer?

When you have an enclosed swimming pool as a part of your offering, you can present guests with great aquatic activities all year round. 

The cost of installing an enclosure yields dividends for both you and your guests. For instance:

  • Your guests get the opportunity to enjoy the health and recreation benefits of swimming whenever they stay at your hotel, 
  • All guests of all ages can use the pool,
  • Regardless of the season, your hotel can offer a warm, summer-like environment (even in the dead of winter!), and
  • At the same time, as a hotel owner, you get to enjoy the increased winter attendance and revenue growth that your enclosed swimming pool will bring.

Enclosed pools, especially ones with retractable roofs that allow you to either close or open the pool area depending on weather conditions, are also more energy efficient and sustainable. What’s more, with an OpenAire enclosure, you’ll find that the structure itself is maintenance free, with corrosion-resistant aluminum frames and ‘baked-on’ paint that requires no touch-ups or fixes. 

The addition of an enclosed pool to a hotel’s facilities is a win-win that will reap rewards for not only the hotel owners and its staff, but also your guests. 

OpenAire strongly believes that swimming pools are a public health service, whether in municipal settings or a hotel. We contribute to the provision of these services through the design and construction of state-of-the-art swimming pool enclosures. Contact us for more information. 

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