How To Avoid Seasonal Downtime For Your Pool

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Outdoor pools are the perfect way to entertain your guests or attract customers to your establishment! But, a little bad weather can ruin the fun for everyone. With a retractable roof, you won’t need to close up shop or stop the fun. A retractable roof can bring the best of both worlds and maximize the usage potential. With aquatic venues becoming more expensive to run, it is important to do whatever is necessary to keep your guests happy throughout the year while saving costs. We take a look at how a retractable roof can help you avoid seasonal downtime for your pool.

  • What Are Retractable Roofs?

A retractable roof enclosure or skylight is one where 50% or more of the roof slides over the other 50% so that the interior of the facility is open to the outdoors. Both walls and roof can slide open, turning an indoor space into an outdoor one in moments. Retractable roofs are sometimes referred to as operable roofs or retractable skylights. Retractable roof installations allow an event or activity to continue even in extreme cold, heat or rain. Simply by pushing a button the roof can open or close. Retractable roofs can be installed at gyms, restaurants, swimming pools, hotels and many other buildings, even private homes. They have the ability to retract back and then neatly stack, creating at minimum 50% of the roof open to the sky and when closed a cozy environment for one to enjoy shelter and protection from the weather. Retractable roofs make it possible to have an outdoor space that has all the comfort of an indoor space.

  • Why Use A Retractable Roof For My Pool?

Retractable pool roofs serve many functions and purposes, namely:

  • Adds More Sunshine To Your Pool Space

Instead of building a typical solid (opaque) roof that does not offer any sunshine, a translucent retractable roof lets you bring in lots of sunlight and keeps your space bright and fresh.

  • Cleaner Air Circulation

A retractable roof natatorium allows pools to stay open all year-round, which further enhances their value. When the roof and walls are open, mechanical air handling is simply not needed, the natural breeze takes care of circulation for you and on a still day some ceiling fans help the fresh air circulate naturally.

  • Increases Guests’ Visits And Revenue

The advantage of having pool facilities open throughout the year means that weather is no longer a factor in programming decisions. With improved amenities, your company or organization can provide increased programming, partnerships and memberships or increase admissions. This in return increases profit for the organization. It's been proven in some YMCA's that revenue from aquatic activities has increased more than 40% since installing a new retractable roof pool enclosure. The indoor-outdoor designs create all-season environments that let operators maintain the perfect swimming conditions and temperature throughout the year.

  • Saves Costs In The Long Run

Aluminum retractable roof enclosures allow swimming pool operators to run their facility all year-round and still find long-term cost savings. They are no maintenance and don’t corrode, as well as easy to clean, meaning lower expenses and no more yearly closures for facility updates. The addition of an aluminum retractable roof over the pool means that there is nothing holding you back from diversifying your offering and charging more for it, ultimately boosting the income and sustainability of the organization as a whole.

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Avoiding Seasonal Downtime With Retractable Roofs

With a retractable roof, you don't have to close your pool during the cooler winter months. The retractable roof will shield your guests from foul weather so that they can enjoy your pool all year round. An aluminum retractable pool roof can withstand the harshest weather conditions from the outside and corrosive chemicals from the inside. In the summer months, you can open the retractable roof for unobstructed views of the outside. During the cooler months, you can close it to create a space where you can enjoy indoor activities under the sky and beautiful stars. This creates a romantic and peaceful setting for organizations that are appealing to peace and tranquillity.

Retractable roof pool enclosures open up new opportunities for pools to be used in a wider range of climates, from the extreme heat of summer to the extreme cold of winter, while still preserving the feeling of an outdoor environment through the use of operable components. These enclosures allow organizations and users to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors without being controlled by it. No matter where your facility is located, weather is always a factor to consider when booking and programming your space.

  • Aluminum Retractable Roofs

OpenAire pool enclosures are made from a corrosion-resistant custom aluminum frame system. These aluminum frames are thermally broken to mitigate the heat transfer between inside and outside, allowing you to keep the space at your preferred temperature. The structural glazing, glass or polycarbonate or ETFE, can mitigate the effects of the sun with UV coating, keeping both heat and cold from getting in, as well as blocking harmful UV rays .

The aluminum used in these enclosures and skylights means there are no concerns of corrosion. The, high-quality, durable aluminum used in the manufacture of retractable roofs, means maintenance is, therefore, easy. They can also help to keep operating  costs to a minimum and help to save money because aluminum retractable roofs will never have to be repainted!

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A retractable pool roof is the single biggest step you can take to set your establishment up for success. You will be able to get the most out of your swimming pool, satisfy guests, and keep your operating costs sustainable by installing a retractable roof enclosure or skylight. Many facilities have seen their revenue increase dramatically as users come back throughout the year to enjoy the warm and inviting swimming environment. This turns indoor pools into more cost-effective solutions that might not have been possible otherwise.

OpenAire has indoor-outdoor designs that offer the best of both worlds - being able to move around in a sunlit environment with perfect swimming conditions while not being subject to harsh weather outside, all at the simple push of a button.

For more information on retractable roofs, set up a consultation with OpenAire's team today!

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