How To Have Your Patrons Tell Their Friends “Hey, Check Out This Pool!”

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The global health and fitness industry continues to boom. In 2015, total industry revenue was $25.8 bn. In 2018, the industry had grown to an estimated $87.5 bn according to Wellness Creative Co. The United States is the single biggest market worldwide, not only in terms of revenue but also in regards to the number of members in health and fitness clubs.

If you are competing for your share of the pie, you need to focus on making your club stand out. One way to do this is with a retractable roof pool enclosure.

Many health clubs have pools and if they don’t, they probably plan to add pools in the near future. A retractable translucent roof that lets in the sunshine can add the “wow” factor that differentiates your facility from the rest. If you want to grow your club by word of mouth, you need a facility worthy of praise. The way to achieve this is by installing a retractable roof enclosure so that members can use the pool year round, regardless of the weather.

Besides being able to play sports and swim all year round, members enjoy a greater sense of well being. The ability to be in touch with nature while exercising can make a tremendous difference in the satisfaction levels of your members.

Browse through our videos to see how a retractable roof can bring your health and sports club to life.