Make Your Aquatic Centre More than a Pool – Make it Art!

Aquatic centre

With so many things in life, simpler is better; less is more. This, however, definitely is NOT true when it comes to aquatic centres! These centres are where people come to socialize, de-stress and have fun. So, why not make them super creative? Below, we provide you with some inspiration for jazzing up your area’s local aquatic centre, in the form of three of the world’s most beautiful, artist-designed pools. 

LA’s Roosevelt Hotel Pool

This pool area/aquatic centre looks pretty normal at first, but the second someone dives into a swimming pool, it truly becomes a notable work of art. British artist, David Hockney, is the man responsible for the mind-bending design at the bottom of the Roosevelt Hotel’s pool. At first glance, the bright blue squiggly lines are very still, but they magically dance about when the pool is in use. Gorgeous!

The Pool at the 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa in Japan

This pool, originally designed by famed Argentinian artist, Leandro Erlich, is an interactive work of art that now lives at the 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa in Japan. It is a large pool with a ladder and a deck, and if you peer into it, you will often be able to see a bunch of fully clothed people walking around inside it. This is because the pool is accessible from below, and the water is separated from the bottom by a thin piece of glass. 

Thaddaeus Ropac’s Pool

This art dealer paid Swiss artist, Sylvie Fleury, to create a true work of art in the form of a lavish pool in his country property near Salzburg. She proceeded to craft a black-granite space and lined the bottom of the swimming pool with steel cut-outs that spelled out the words “Be Amazing”. Furthermore, the edges of the pool are marked with words from an old-school cosmetics pamphlet: “Revive, Shield, Hydrate and Exfoliate.” As a finishing touch, Ropac has placed a massive bronze rabbit sculpture on the sidelines, originally designed by Tom Sachs. 

Here at OpenAire, we provide you with all the inspiration people need to make full use of their aquatic centre pool all year round. We specialize in retractable roof systems that can be opened and closed in seconds. For more information, be sure to contact us.