Make Your Aquatics Facility Stand Out!

aquatic centre

Does your club boast an inviting, crystal-clear pool? Yet, somehow that is not enough to attract people all-year-around? Well, we have a solution! Unlike any of your competitors, your club can offer a bright, open aquatic facility with an outdoor atmosphere in every season. And, it is easy to achieve! Simply invest in a retractable roof, and your aquatics facility will draw people like bees to honey.

In summer, many members of the public actively seek out spots with sparkling pools. During winter though, people tend to huddle in warm, cozy spots that offer a refuge against the cold outside. This is a time when people are forced to spend the majority of their time indoors, protected against the elements. No wonder then that this is when people yearn, more than ever, to connect with nature. Imagine if your aquatics facility could offer open skies – from a protected climate controlled enclosure. It would mean that guests enjoy the best of both worlds, summer and winter at your facility – something that would be impossible without a retractable roof!

A key aspect not to be underestimated is the stylish look of retractable roofs. By installing a retractable roof, you can create a space which flows seamlessly between indoors and outdoors, offering a modern, sleek, and practical facility. A retractable roof will give your aquatic facility the edge that enhances its look and usability.

Investing in a retractable roof will make your aquatics facility stand out, not only by offering the natural outdoors while enjoying an indoor swimming experience but also with its edgy contemporary design that offers the best of indoor-outdoor living. Don’t delay, set up a consultation with OpenAire’s team today!