Maximizing Profit From Every Square Foot


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Do you run, own or manage a health and sports club? Then you will know how common it is for large portions of your space to go unused during certain times of the year. Every health and sports club can benefit tremendously from a retractable roof installation. Here are some of the ways that a retractable roof can maximize profit from every square foot:

  • Stay Open Year-Round

Maximizing your profit means staying open year round, during all seasons. If you need to close your establishment during the winter or on rainy days, you are not serving the members of your health and sports club adequately. A retractable roof means that members can enjoy your facility all year-round, without you having to close your doors on account of the weather.

  • Reduce Energy Costs

While an indoor pool is costlier to run than an outdoor pool, club owners will be able to enjoy the savings they find from operating a building with a retractable roof. Compared to a standard brick and mortar pool facility, owners can save up to 30% on their aquatic energy bills every year.

Retractable roofs offer such an increase in memberships and the potential to decrease utility bills that there is a business case to be made for even the smallest communities.

  • An Example In Action: Richmond Swim Centre

After over two decades serving the Richmond, California community, Richmond Swim Center had to be closed in 2014 for renovations. The original building housing the indoor pool had suffered from significant moisture damage (as all brick and mortar or steel pool facilities do). The center needed a redesign that would be durable, be bright & refreshing, give citizens an attractive place to swim and yet stand up to harsh pool chemicals, and offer some cost benefits to the city for the long term.

swim centre

The City of Richmond chose to tear off the corroded metal roof, leaving only the attractive glulam beams in place and the perimeter concrete walls and replace the roof with an OpenAire double-slope aluminum-framed retractable skylight that spans 114 feet over the length of the building. The skylight sits above the building’s existing glulam rafters, creating an almost weightless appearance that combines the old with the new brilliantly. OpenAire designed the skylight with durability and efficiency in mind. The lightweight aluminum frame supporting the structure is corrosion proof to prevent damage from chlorine and other pool chemicals and opens to the sky to allow in fresh air and sunlight. This combination of vibrant architecture and practical design has made the Richmond Swim Center a great success for both the City of Richmond and OpenAire. Read more about this OpenAire project.

Are you ready to maximize profit from every square foot with a retractable roof? Then set up a consultation with OpenAire’s team.