OpenAire Retractable Roofs Give Restaurant Patios All-Season Usability

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Restaurant patios are some of the most desirable seating areas that an establishment can offer, but often guests must wait until spring comes before they can enjoy outdoor dining. If you own a restaurant with a patio or outdoor seating, those seats are probably sitting empty this winter as cold weather and winds make them unusable for guests. Many different restaurants around the world, however, have found a solution to this seasonal patio problem with OpenAire retractable enclosures. OpenAire’s customized operable roofs, skylights and enclosures combine all the benefits of outdoor seating with the shelter and reliability of the indoors. The result is a truly all-season patio that is usable regardless of the weather.

OpenAire’s retractable roof patios bring tremendous long-term benefits to restaurants, bars, pubs, and many other venues everywhere. Diners are drawn to these all-season patios in great numbers, while restaurant owners never have to close their outdoor seating due to the weather again. This increases the venue’s permanent seating capacity dramatically. This is why many restaurants have seen significant increases in business and excellent returns on investment after choosing an OpenAire design.

In Toronto, the Crooked Cue Restaurant and Pool Hall saw such an increase in visitors after unveiling a new OpenAire retractable skylight in 2015 that it doubled its revenue within a year. This prompted the owners to call OpenAire for a second, identical skylight over the other half of its upper level the following year in 2016. Read more about the Crooked Cue’s success with OpenAire designs here, and discover even more ways that an OpenAire structure can benefit your restaurant here. Then contact our expert team for a free consultation on how OpenAire can bring sunshine to your restaurant all year long.

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