Optimizing All of Your Health and Sports Club Space

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Is your health and sports club running out of space? Or is it beginning to look outdated? With all the equipment and growing membership, it is important to keep your club and aesthetics updated. Maximizing the floor space of your health and sports club helps to do this by giving more space for expanded programming. The steps you take to optimize your space directly affect your revenue and retention rates. Happy members equal maximized profits and increased membership retention. We have a guide on how to maximize your health and sports club space to increase the value of your club for your current and future members.

How to Maximize Your Health and Sports Club Space

What are some of the different ways you can optimize your health and sports club space?

Incorporate The Latest Fitness Trends

Maximizing your club space includes working with a “boutique mindset”. Clubs have to accommodate the latest trends and equipment and facility upgrades, in order to compete with the boutique aesthetic that is popular in the industry. This requires accommodating multiple trends and continual changes in order to compete with specialty clubs. This can include expanding your space to include the latest fitness offerings such as spa and tanning services, specialty classes, dance, yoga, pilates, barre, unique training, as well as spa and pool facilities.

Aesthetic Design And Layout

Look at how your space and aesthetics are affecting your club. The facilities and aesthetics need to create a “WOW” factor. With stiff competition in the industry in every town and city, everything helps when looking to attract new members. People should enter and leave the club with a smile on their face as well as memories that will have them revisiting the club often. Clubs with an impressive offering in terms of layout, function, and design continually create fresh demand. This includes using good color choices, lighting, and architectural elements that will transform small spaces to make them appear larger.

Add A Dedicated Space For Group Training

Some clubs offer training for small groups on the main fitness floor. However, if you have limited space, you can provide a dedicated space for a small group training program. This helps your club bring in more members. And, it will attract the type of members who often like to train in groups with their friends and people with similar health goals.

Retractable Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures help members to enjoy an outdoor pool in pleasant weather and an indoor pool when the weather conditions demand it. Regardless of whether your pool is smaller or larger than the competitors, a fully glazed retractable roof pool enclosure will appear brighter, fresher, cleaner and bigger with unobstructed views of the outdoors, skyline or whatever your view may be.

Retractable Enclosures For Optimizing All of Your Health And Sports Club Space

Health & Sports Clubs can benefit tremendously from retractable roofs structures and operable skylights. These types of roofs and skylights allow the sunshine to stream into multiple areas of the club and can add the "wow" factor that differentiates one facility from the rest. This helps to retain current members and to attract new ones while making the most of your club's space. Retractable roofs are maintenance-free, thermally broken aluminum-framed systems that never need to be repainted. They are also good for the environment and, therefore, will appeal to newer environmentally conscious members as they contribute to LEED accreditation, a constructions system that can attract some membership groups.

Custom aluminum extrusions maintain their original aesthetic appearance, and never need to be refinished or re-painted. Retractable enclosures help you to convert your existing pool or, new pool, into a bright year round indoor space. The result is an enclosure that opens up to the outdoors turning the pool complex into a bright and open that space members will love.

Retractable skylights can bring even the smallest of spaces to life as they open up to let in beautiful, warm weather, and close up when it is cold or rainy. They offer users year-round enjoyment in unique, beautiful spaces. Custom skylights are elegant in design and operation and are closed tight to keep out drafts and moisture.

Custom Made Retractable Enclosures For Your Health And Sports Club Space

OpenAire uses special thermally broken aluminum profiles for all structural members of its skylights and retractable roof structures. These extrusions can be used in all locations and are custom designed to suit your unique space and requirements. To complement the all-aluminum framing system, a range of options for glazing materials can be selected to suit your fixed or operable skylight’s applications and requirements. Possible materials include the following:


OpenAire skylights can accommodate glass specifications and characteristics according to your design, application, and MEP load requirements. From basic tinted glass to high-performance and low E glass, heated electrically charged glass, and stained glass, OpenAire can incorporate whatever glass suits your needs.


Polycarbonate panels, our most commonly used roof material in aquatic environments due to colour options and low cost, are virtually unbreakable and guaranteed to retain clarity and resist yellowing. They are more impact resistant than acrylic and glass materials. They also withstand temperature extremes and are ultraviolet (UV) stabilized.

Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE):

ETFE is a high strength but lightweight material and can transmit up to 90% of sunlight. ETFE has a non-stick surface so dust and dirt do not settle on it easily; if they do settle they can be cleaned off with a small amount of rain or water. ETFE can be made in a single layer for small applications, or in double or triple air filled layers. And yes, ETFE roofs can be retractable!!


Photovoltaic allows for the entry of natural light while providing both thermal and sound insulation. Photovoltaic glazing also filters out harmful radiation, while producing clean, free energy through solar power.

Insulated Metal Panels:

OpenAire can custom-design an insulated metal system for areas of the roof that require an opaque ceiling. This can be part or all of your retractable roof solution.

Optimizing your health and sports club space can be made simple with our customized retractable roof designs. Whether you need just a retractable skylight or an entire retractable roof or retractable wall enclosure, we can help! Set up a consultation with OpenAire's team today.

OpenAire's retractable roof over the pool at the Ontario Racquet Club in Mississauga, Ontario.

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