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WaTiki Waterpark; Slider’s Bar & Grill
Rapid City, SD

WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort

Owners of WaTiki Waterpark Resort wanted to build a retractable enclosure over the new restaurant, Slider’s Bar and Grill adjacent to the waterpark. They knew they needed a flexible and customizable solution and were facing many site constraints because it was a multi-use facility. WaTiki Waterpark worked with OpenAire in the past on the retractable roof enclosure over the indoor waterpark, and they felt very comfortable choosing to work with OpenAire again to build a seamless add-on. They were extremely happy with the look of the original structure and the HVAC savings that came along with it, which made working with OpenAire again an easy and natural choice.

Because OpenAire solutions are completely flexible and fully customizable, they were able to design, build and install a retractable roof solution over the bar area of the restaurant that made it look like a simple connection once the work was complete. The add-on enclosure, measuring 62’ (18.9m) x 52’ (15.85m) has a ceiling height of 36’ (11m) at its highest point along with retractable panels and sidewalls. The roof structure includes a combination of operable and stationary panels mostly glazed with clear polycarbonate. The design also incorporates a 5” thick insulated metal roof system to shade diners from the sun on particularly sunny days, and contributes to the clean, contemporary look of the structure.

The restaurant seats 210 people in a space that’s airy, welcoming and incredibly flexible. Diners can enjoy natural light and great outdoor views in warm, dry comfort, and when summer comes to South Dakota, opening up the OpenAire enclosure turns the bar area of the restaurant into a sun-filled patio with lots of fresh, warm air and a wonderful outdoor atmosphere. Slider’s Bar and Grill is now the only restaurant in the country with a waterslide that provides restaurant patrons with views of sliders going right through it.

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WaTiki Waterpark

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