Rain, Snow Or Shine – The Show Will Go On With Retractable Roofs

Scenes from Barenaked Ladies concert at Fourth Street Live Louisville, KY (Photo by Marty Pearl)


No matter what, the show must go on. But what happens when unexpected weather issues arise and make this pretty much impossible? The secret lies in investing in the right contingency measures for your concert and entertainment venue. The secret lies in investing in a retractable roof from OpenAire!

  • What is a Retractable Roof? 

A retractable roof is exactly that – a roof that you can open or close as required. They are the ultimate solution when it comes to dealing with weather concerns. These roofs can be fitted over various areas, whether they are commercial or residential. Here at OpenAire, we also fit retractable roofs over sizable concert and entertainment venues.

  • Why Is A Retractable Roof The Right Solution For Entertainment Venues? 

It doesn’t matter how incredible the act on stage is, nobody wants to stand in the rain or snow! The good news is that retractable roofs can eliminate this possibility completely, making certain that your guests are able to enjoy themselves to the max – come rain, snow or shine. No more downtime, no more weather delays, and no more cancellations!

  • Retractable Roofs From OpenAire 

So, why choose OpenAire’s retractable roofs for concert and entertainment venues? For starters, we are aluminum manufacturing experts, crafting retractable roofs that will not corrode and that will last a very long time. We are the experts in building walls and roofs that move. No matter the size we can make your space transform.  We’re able to fit small, medium, and large-sized retractable roofs and provide our clients with a wide assortment of different glazing options depending on their preferences and budget constraints. In short, we tailor our roofing solutions to suit your needs.

Keen to learn more about OpenAire and our retractable roofs? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to book a consultation today!