Reduce Lighting and Ventilation Costs with a Retractable Roof

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Have you ever scrutinized a break-down of your facility’s utility bill? If you have, you might have been shocked to learn what percentage of your energy bill goes to heating, cooling and lighting costs! Luckily, you can reduce these costs with a retractable roof – whether in residential, commercial, or institutional buildings.

For heating and cooling, what if you could build a space where the building itself provides natural ventilation? In warm weather, air conditioning can become obsolete because on the hottest of days, when the roof is wide open, (and with the open doors,) air is pulled in from the sides and pushed up and out through the open roof. The building acts like a natural chimney, eliminating the need for costly air cooling systems, specifically for aquatic spaces. In colder weather, on a sunny day, there are some benefits from solar heat gain which can offset some of the heating requirements.

These combined factors result in substantial energy savings in the long-term, and allows you to leave an environmentally conscientious footprint, and lead a greener way of life. As far as aquatic venues are concerned, it is estimated that an operable/automated roof can deliver up to 27% in annual energy savings when compared to traditional construction structures.

Indoor air pollution is an increasing health concern, especially in enclosed environments. A retractable roof structure permits the circulation of fresh air in any environment.

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