Retractable Pool Enclosures Improve Guest Experience

open aire

If you manage a YMCA or other type of facility with a swimming pool, then you may be wondering how you can take your establishment to the next level. Retractable pool enclosures can significantly improve the experience that you are able to offer your patrons. Here’s why:

Improved air quality

With a roof that can retract, you are able to open the facility and let in fresh air in a way that other establishments with swimming pools can’t. Instead of relying on an air handling system that merely recycles the indoor air back into the facility or windows and doors, give your guests access to fresh air while they swim and relax. This fresh air will also be much appreciated to staff who spend all day in these facilities.


Imagine the difference in experience if you are swimming laps in a pool with artificial lighting versus natural lighting. Retractable pool enclosures give guests access to the outdoors when the weather is good, but it also shields them against bad weather. Let your guests swim in natural light and be able to see the sky, clouds, trees, and surrounding area while they swim in your pristine pool. The best part is that you can offer this experience all year round – even in winter!

Our swimming pool enclosure experience and projects

OpenAire is the world’s premier designer, manufacturer, and installer of custom aluminium retractable roof enclosures and skylights. For more information on our work with YMCAs, visit our YMCA page.

Founded in 1989, OpenAire has completed approaching 1,000 projects that are found in distinctive venues around the globe. We work with municipalities, not-for-profits, boys and girls clubs, architects, developers, investors, contractors, construction managers, independent buildings, and property owners to ensure your retractable pool enclosure project is seamless, from concept to completion. Contact us for more information about our collaborative design process.