Retractable Roof Restaurants Earn More Revenue

open aire

If you are a restaurant owner with a rooftop or outdoor patio, you will know just how much your patrons love dining out on the patio on those balmy summer evenings. There is no doubt that it is during those warmer months that you see a massive increase in your bottom line and your patronage in general. If only there was a way to further capitalize on this and be able to offer your diners the opportunity to enjoy the view on the patio or simply to brighten the indoor space all year round – without the frosty weather getting in the way. The good news is that there is!

Installing a retractable roof over your restaurant patio is the answer to keeping diners happy and improving your annual revenue. Here is why:

  • Retractable Roof Restaurants Attract More Patrons 

A retractable roof attracts new diners looking for a unique experience, which will help to generate more interest in your restaurant and its menu as a whole. The more patrons that experience the lovely atmosphere achieved with a retractable roof, the more that will spread the word, leading to even greater interest and even more visitors so you will be sure to sell an increased amount of beverages and food as a result. A year-round patio also means more consistent bookings for private parties/weddings, and other group events, which bring in a guaranteed price per head.

  • Retractable Roofs Offer A Year-round Experience

Retractable roofs make it possible for the ever-popular outdoor patio to be used all year round. It also means that you will not only have extra space on hand, but also the chance to host ‘outdoor’ events – even when the temperature drops. Think karaoke, quiz nights, ladies’ nights, etc. All extra opportunities to attract new patrons to your establishment and show them a good time so that they will keep coming back for more!

  • Retractable Roofs Can Help To Generate Better Reviews

Retractable roofs are a unique attraction, so your restaurant is bound to get plenty of attention once you have had them installed. This will lead to more important people, like reviewers, visiting to sample the food and feel out the experience. Retractable roofs will almost certainly lead to more favorable reviews and better publicity.

So, if you are keen to transform your restaurant into something special and you are ready to invest in retractable roofs, get in touch with the experts. Contact OpenAire for more information today.