Maintenance-Free Retractable Roof Systems for Health Clubs? Yes, Please!

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retractable roof systemsRetractable roofing systems are an attractive option for any health club. They have the potential to increase membership through their functional and aesthetic enhancements, as well as improving the overall member experience. However, some health club operators are reluctant to install retractable roofs. Why? Because health clubs already have high maintenance costs, and the big, beautiful retractable roofs with their various moving parts will surely only add to those expenses... Right?

What If You Could Safely Forget About Maintenance?

It’s a misconception that retractable roofs are heavy on maintenance. In fact, when it comes to OpenAire’s retractable roof systems, the opposite is true! They are entirely maintenance-free.

OpenAire retractable roofs are constructed from thermally broken aluminum frames with stainless steel hardware. Not only is aluminum rust and corrosion-free, but OpenAire also fortifies it even further with a baked-in finish that NEVER needs to be repainted. Yes, you read that right. Most health club maintenance managers are projecting five years into the future when they see themselves having to organize the repainting of the steel frame of the roof over the pool area. With OpenAire enclosures, you won’t have so much as a nick or scratch to deal with.


So, an investment in an OpenAire retractable roof system makes perfect sense. You enhance your members’ experience and attract more members - without adding anything to your maintenance costs. It really is a win-win.

OpenAire specializes in the design and construction of enclosures and retractable roofs that are used in health clubs, public pools, water parks, and retirement communities, among others. We have designed and constructed stunning enclosures for many health clubs across the United States and Canada. These include:

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