Why Swimming Is the Best Sport for Seniors

swimming for seniors

swimming for seniors

Everything from aqua aerobics to swimming laps is a firm favorite among older adults, and for good reason. Here are a few of the benefits of swimming for seniors:

  • Health Benefits

Swimming is a great workout that will not only make your heart larger and stronger, but it will also improve your cardiovascular endurance. Furthermore, it will also reduce the risk of heart and lung disease and improves your circulation.

  • Fewer Slips and Falls

Falling down is a big safety concern for seniors. According to research done in Australia, the only exercise that lowers seniors’ chances of falling is swimming. The researchers looked at about 1700 men aged 70 and older, and compared the types of exercise the men did with their likelihood of experiencing a fall over a four-year period. According to the study, men who swam were 33% less likely to fall (and we expect the number is similar for women, too!).

  • It’s fun!

With swimming, there’s no panting in the heat and sweating profusely. Seniors who are worried about having to stand to use typical exercise equipment can opt for a much more relaxing experience as you set your own pace in the water or enjoy the company of others in an aqua aerobics class.

  • It Is Rejuvenating

If you frequent use a pool with a retractable roof, then you will know how calming, soothing, and invigorating it can be to have unobstructed views of the clouds and sky while you exercise. A retractable roof makes it easy to feel connected with the outdoors, which is much better than swimming in a gym with a normal ceiling and artificial lighting. Check out the pools in your area to find one with a retractable roof where you can truly enjoy your workout!

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