Your Clients Are Passionate about Going Green. Your Health Clubs Can Be, Too!


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According to a new report from the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), making energy efficient improvements can reduce operating costs. But, arguably an even greater impact of green improvements are those felt by the people who spend their working lives in these spaces. Greener workspaces are healthier, more enjoyable places to work, and this has a tangible impact on productivity, employee health, and the business bottom line. As a sports and/or health club of the future, your mission should be to align your facility with the values of your clients, which means investing in green solutions.

The public has high expectations of brands when it comes to having a positive social and environmental impact. Many people say they would actively choose a brand if their sustainability credentials were clear in their marketing. So, what can you do at your sports or health club to improve on your eco-consciousness?

OpenAire’s retractable roof systems are constructed of thermally broken all aluminum frames with stainless steel hardware. Aluminum, by its nature, does not rust or corrode.  Additionally, the frame is painted with a baked-on finish that never has to be repainted. So, the days of closed pools while the building is being repainted every year are done!

The roof enclosures and skylights also outperform traditional aquatic buildings on a few other key metrics. Not only is the environmental impact less, but there will be significant energy and operational savings. In particular, in an aquatic venue, our retractable roof skylights and enclosures can save operators and owners up to 30% in a typical year for their energy costs. With buildings being known to consume approximately 60% of global energy, it is in your best interest to not only look at energy-saving solutions but to also make sure that all of your members know that you are actively pursuing energy-saving options.

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OpenAire specializes in energy-efficient, LEED-certified (if required) custom skylights and retractable roof enclosures. We implement the required practices and procedures to meet the project’s environmental performance goals and sustainable design requirements, should you choose to pursue this route.

In addition, your members are no longer swimming in the dark or in an artificially lit box. They are swimming, playing, learning, and socializing in a light bright airy space, all year round. During warm periods, they are swimming outside, sitting by the pool, enjoying the patio, as you would at an outdoor pool; during the winter they are protected from the weather and can swim under a thundering sky or during a snowstorm. It is an environment your members will love, winter and summer.

Any building can benefit from adding an OpenAire retractable roof system. Whether your plans involve new construction or a retrofit, growing or using the space you have, working with heritage buildings or designing to extreme geographic or weather conditions, our experts meticulously ensure each project is designed to make your vision a reality. Contact us for more information about retractable roofs today.