Twelve new restaurants see benefits by adding retractable roofs

crooked cue restaurant

Restaurants, hotels, bars, and other commercial venues around the world have been thrilled with the customized retractable roof and skylight solutions provided by OpenAire. Gusto 101 in Toronto, for example, has seen an 85% increase in revenue since they turned their second-floor outdoor patio into a year-round indoor/outdoor space with an OpenAire telescoping roof and operable walls. The Crooked Cue Pub and Pool Hall, also located in Toronto, has enjoyed tremendous growth in visitors and a 200% increase in summer revenue over previous years. In 2015, the family-owned pub hired OpenAire to cut a hole in the roof of their 45-year-old pool hall and literally let the sunshine in with a 20 ft. by 48 ft. retractable skylight over the second-floor location. The Crooked Cue had such success with their first renovation that in 2016, they added another identical retractable skylight over the other half of the same pub. These are only two examples of the ways OpenAire retractable roofs continue to bring impressive growth to restaurants around the globe.

OpenAire retractable roofs and skylights bring many additional benefits to restaurant owners compared to traditional outdoor patios or other renovation concepts. No matter what the weather outside, OpenAire roofs offer an inviting, outdoor-style experience to diners. Perhaps best of all, an OpenAire skylight lets restaurants keep their patio seating open year-round, effectively doubling their capacity during winter or colder months.

OpenAire has completed a variety of new customized retractable roofs and skylights for restaurants around North America in 2016 and 2017. These retractable roof designs have continued OpenAire’s tradition of creating durable, unique environments that match specifications of the restaurant owners, developers, and architects and are used to attract many new visitors from far and wide.

Here is a look at the restaurants whose businesses are being transformed by OpenAire roofs and skylights.

The Crooked Cue – Toronto, ON: This 20 ft. x 48 ft. glass skylight was installed over half of the pub’s upper level in the summer of 2016. Another, identical skylight had been installed in 2015 with great success. Both skylights slide completely off the openings onto the adjacent flat roofs creating unobstructed views year-round.

Barcelona Tavern – Toronto, ON: The Barcelona Tavern is enclosed in a 1,000-sq.-ft. glass enclosure measuring more than 1,000 square feet from OpenAire. The new enclosure divides into two telescoping sections, with the smaller sliding under the larger to open along with its fully retractable sidewalls.

Boston Pizza – Toronto, ON: This new Boston Pizza restaurant in downtown Toronto features an operable aluminum-framed skylight almost 50 ft. long and 30 ft. wide developed by OpenAire, which slides open in three telescoping sections. This skylight is the first of its kind in any Boston Pizza location.

Gibsons Italia at River Point – Chicago, IL: The new Gibsons Italia steakhouse at River Point Tower’s rooftop restaurant in downtown Chicago features a single-slope lean-to enclosure measuring approximately 70 ft. long by 23 ft. deep. The enclosure’s 12’ high front wall includes three 20’ x 10’ high bi-folding doors which completely opens the front wall to unobstructed views of the Chicago River.

Hyatt House – Jersey City, NJ: The newly renovated 13-storey Hyatt House Jersey City hotel features a rooftop bar and lounge with a 3,600 sq. ft. double-slope telescoping enclosure from OpenAire, whose bi-folding doors give a seamless transition between the indoor enclosure and the outdoor terrace, providing unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline outside.

Kellys Landing – Toronto, ON: Kellys Landing is the first location in the Landing Group of restaurants to feature a single-slope roof, measuring 30 ft. x 44 ft., divided into three telescoping bays along the slope. The bottom two panels retract under the top fixed glass panel, uncovering the patio to the skies above and creating a truly unique outdoor-style dining experience in the middle of downtown Toronto.

The MOXY Hotel – Washington, D.C.: OpenAire’s team has designed and built a 20-ft. x 42-ft. restaurant and rooftop bar enclosure with two 11-foot-long bi-parting roof panels on the penthouse mezzanine (fourteenth floor) of this brand-new hotel.

Pick 6ix – Toronto, ON: Pick 6ix is a new restaurant and bar created by hip-hop superstar Drake, featuring a 2,100-square-foot OpenAire enclosure with five retracting roof panels, each measuring 12’ by 12’. The 9’-8” high front wall includes five drop-down windows that create an open patio environment for guests to enjoy throughout the year.

Sixty Vines Uptown – Dallas, TX: Sixty Vines, a trendsetting wine bar, will soon open their second location in Dallas. Sixty Vines Uptown will feature a unique 1,400 square-foot outdoor greenhouse with a 62 ft. by 23 ft. retractable roof from OpenAire. The enclosure will feature 3 bays of motorized, operable roof panels to create the ideal outdoor conditions at any time of year.

150 State Street – Boston, MA: An historic 4,600-square-foot property in downtown Boston will soon feature a new rooftop indoor/outdoor patio enclosed by an OpenAire double-slope telescoping skylight.

3080 Yonge and Lawrence – Toronto, ON: This new property at 3080 Yonge Street includes a vibrant restaurant terrace featuring a 120’ x 18’ single-slope retractable skylight from OpenAire. The enclosure will be able to operate either as a single unit or as two separate sections for greater flexibility in operations.

711 Building – Columbus, OH: This brand-new rooftop restaurant features a 1,200-square-foot retractable glass patio enclosure atop the ninth floor of the new 711 Building in Columbus’ Short North neighborhood when it is completed in 2018.

These projects are only a small example of OpenAire’s retractable design portfolio. Dozens of other customized, fully-functional operable enclosures of all scales and sizes have been built for restaurant owners throughout North America and Europe, with more soon underway. No matter where your business is located, our design team is able to create unique structures for rooftops, patios, courtyards, entertainment centers, sports bars, and even wineries and breweries. Contact us today to find out how you can add the sky to your design!