A contemporary remodel for an Ontario home.

OpenAire designed, installed and manufactured a retractable roof for this residential home. The homeowners requested a 2000 sq ft addition with a lap pool, chill pool, stand-up hot spa, steam room, and underground mechanical bunker.  Their only manufacturer request; is to keep their current energy costs the same.

The owners brought in Poolscape who partnered with OpenAire to bring their architectural visions to life. The resulting enclosure is 58 ft long  x 32 ft wide,and is separated from the house with a  23’ long x 7 ft wide enclosed walkway.  Further, the enclosure features 12 operable roof panels with insect screens and 12 sliding patio doors.  One of the gable ends opens up to the outdoors, the other houses a TV and fireplace.

Openaire’s forward-thinking design capitalizes on the architectural trend of inside-out living.  These designs are functional yet beautiful.  Homeowners can now effortlessly enjoy nature in the comfort of their sun-soaked enclosure and feel proud of their new energy-efficient structure.

Openaire is a manufacturing company specializing in the design and installation of retractable roofs and skylights.  Click to view the rest of OpenAire’s residential projects.

Creating a green future starts with the space around us, and what better way to start than with our community recreation centres? Forming a healthy, safe and inclusive community is not limited to programs and initiatives but the space in which they take place.

Morrisville Parks Recreations and Cultural Resources requested Openaire's help for their community centre remodelling. Openaire added a retractable glass enclosure to their pre-existing outdoor pool and clubhouse. This single addition drastically improved the centre's space and transformed it into a sunlit, sustainable structure. The natatorium measures at 12000 square feet, including 16 motorized retractable roof panels. Once an outdoor pool, now an all-year aquatic centre. The best part? With just a single push of a button, the roof retracts, making the pool outdoors again!

Not only is the building a premium architectural icon, but it is also now a cost-effective and environmentally friendly facility. The all-aluminum building fills with sunlight and fresh air, omitting excess use of artificial lights and ventilation, drastically cutting the cost of energy. The city-funded building was once too expensive to operate, needing constant renovations and maintenance. Now, with its OpenAire enclosure, the space will never again need updating or maintenance.

A reimagined recreation centre is a place that all residents WANT to join, and the first step is to create a space that is equally beautiful and sustainable. Creating a community hub in this way will only attract more members to utilize programs and services, ultimately providing more opportunities for expanded community offerings. Moreover, these structures go far beyond being purely aesthetic; they promote mental and physical well-being, which in turn creates a safer and happier society.

A sun-exposed building allows members to get their vitamin D effortlessly, boasting their creativity and general well-being while at the same time offering needed UV protection. The space also provides more opportunities for physical activity, as it can be used year-round. Members can take advantage of yearly access to aquatics while avoiding the problems of a weather-dependent outdoor pool. This is of the utmost importance to persons of all ages who can benefit from access to affordable programs and services.

Recreation centres have great programs to build confidence and problem-solving skills alongside health and well-being. A reimagined community centre is a place where people will want to take advantage of these programs and are proud to spend their time. A space that is naturally lit and ventilated is a much more appealing space to be. This in itself will draw in more people every day.

At this time when the cost of living is so high and people are struggling, it is more important than ever to develop spaces that are affordable and accessible for all members of every community. Recreation centers meet the needs of everyone, regardless of class, race, gender, age and ability. As municipalities grow, investment in sustainable, low cost, environmentally friendly spaces, built for the future, is key to the success of every community.

Community Centres are just one concept Openaire has reimagined our green future through design. Alongside municipalities of all sizes, OpenAire works with the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. We also have a large portfolio of privately run recreation centres. No matter your audience, OpenAire can help provide a long-term solution. Contact us today for more information

A Trip to Banff, One of Canada's Most Beautiful Landscapes

Banff is a town of 10,000 people, a short drive from Calgary, Alberta. The municipality is Canada’s first to be incorporated inside a national park. It is home to some of the world's most beautiful landscapes. Among the rocky mountains, the peaks of Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade control the skyline, with beautiful lakes and rivers flowing between. The surrounding lands are home to elk and grizzly bears, with no shortage of natural greenery. Banff, Alberta one of Canada’s only destinations that makes you feel like you're in a Hallmark Christmas movie. Whether you’re a foreigner or a Canadian, Banff should be at the top of your list for travel this winter.

All at once, you can experience an abundance of winter sports, wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. The activities are endless - but don’t forget to eat! It’s easy to feel guilty leaving your excursion behind to fuel your body. However, there is one restaurant that provides you with the same mountainous escape while enjoying creative pub fare warmed at the fire.

three bears banff open roof

Three Bear’s Brewery and Restaurant

Located in Banff’s main commercial district, Three Bear’s Brewery stands out as a contemporary oasis while remaining authentic to the chateau-style streets. The brewery features large wood beams, industrial fixtures and a beautifully crafted multi-level space. The vibe is contemporary yet maintains the warmth and authenticity of the village. A 970-square-foot glass retractable roof was designed and installed by Openaire to cap off this gorgeous new restaurant. The retractable skylight measures approximately 23 by 42 feet, with two operable glass sections that open to the sky above. With the addition of Openaire’s roof, guests can now immerse themselves in the beauty of Banff without feeling guilty for grabbing a bite to eat indoors. Three Bear’s Brewery is the perfect restaurant to dine in the town, with no other restaurant providing a warm indoor dining experience with views of the mountains beyond in the rain, sunshine or snow.

The fresh air, seemingly endless forests scattered with wildlife, and its mountainous terrain make Banff your dream destination. The space built by Openaire encapsulates Banffs natural beauty, providing you with an authentic Canadian experience. Dine amid the mountains, or share a pint with the wildlife, whatever you prefer - Three Bears Brewery has you covered. Book your plane ticket and make a reservation today!

On average when a decision is being made to select a Independent Living Community the future resident and their children tend to visit about five locations before making a decision. Among items they evaluate are location, price, occupancy, services and ... amenities. If you're looking to stand out and gain a competitive advantage you may want to consider how a "retractable roof" could make your facility unique.

We'll get there but first let's discuss Aquatic Therapy. Aquatic therapy is among the most popular (and doctor-recommended) exercise methods for seniors, with good reason. It is a low-impact and low-risk exercise which promotes strength and muscle tone. The problem is that most Independent Living Communities still lack an adequate aquatic center due to maintenance and cost issues. This means that the only alternative to their residents is to seek out local recreation centers and then organize transportation to get to a local pool.

But what if there were a better option that:

Well, look no further. Adding a retractable enclosure to aquatic centres is the solution that provides all of the above!

Spaces like this are filled with sunlight reducing reliance on lighting and power grids, can be filled with flora and fauna and, with one space, cover the needs of a wide range of residential requirements. An aquatic center can be more than a nice amenity for occasional use. It is common for pool enclosures to include areas for stretching, hot tubs, therapy pools, lounging, cafe-style eating, reading, gardens and more. These are just a few scenarios where owners can provide their residences within one recreational area.

Not only will this improve residents' longevity, but this unique recreational asset should be a MUST for all Independent living communities allowing for enhanced programming, happier residents and happier care staff. The cost of staff retention, even new resident admissions, is high. There is no doubt that creating a safer, healthier space that can be used year-round (and during pandemics like covid) is a solution that Independent Living communities should consider. This feature will serve as an added value to your community. It will be a positive factor for recruiting new clients, creating access to fresh air and the outdoors (another feature many retirement communities lack), thus generating larger revenue and overall ROI.

Seniors typically suffer from cold temperatures when exposed to outdoor air, even in warm climates. As such indoor swimming pools are an ideal solution - where temperatures can be controlled, and swimming ceases to be seasonal. There are endless benefits of aquatic therapy for elders, and access to this curriculum should be essential in retirement communities for both physical and social reasons. Whether you’re building your center from scratch or adding to an existing structure, investing in a retractable roof aquatic center is a win-win for residents and staff.

OpenAire has built numerous retractable roof aquatic facilities for retirement communities around the US and Canada. Contact us for more information.

As Canadians, we are not shy to embrace cold, harsh climates, but we’re equally ready to embrace the warm sunshine on a patio. There is nothing better than enjoying a great meal or cold beverage under the sun. On a patio. In the winter? Not a problem.

Here are four Toronto restaurants with retractable roof skylights that are embracing all-year indoor/outdoor patio dining.

kellys landing

Kellys Landing

Part of the premium Landing Group chain, Kelly's Landing is the perfect spot to enjoy the game from the warmth of its glass roof patio. Located just steps from Toronto’s Union Station at Front Street W and University Avenue, the restaurant brings a contemporary bar and patio experience to Toronto’s financial sector.

Kelly’s landing features a retractable roof that admits sunlight and views of the CN Tower year round and yet can be an open outdoor patio on warm summer days. This indoor outdoor patio design provides customers with an incredible dining experience all year long.

Local Leaside

LOCAL Public Eatery Leaside

Calling all east-siders! LOCAL Public Eatery Leaside is the perfect spot to enjoy sun filled patio dining all year long. Built in a renovated bank building, Local Public Eatery has an 800-square-foot second floor glass patio, appealing to architectural design lovers or even those with good taste.

The retractable roof may only be open weather permitting, but the glass roof allows customers to soak up the sun every day, imitating outdoor dining without compromising the integrity of their experience. Enjoy the creative cocktails, extensive draft list, and elevated pub fare LOCAL Leaside offers.

gusto restaurant patio

Gusto 101

Craving authentic Italian cuisine? Look no further. On Portland Street in the King West neighbourhood, Gusto 101 is known for its lively atmosphere, extensive wine list, and beloved Mafalde Al Funghi. Architectural design is not compromised at this joint. The restaurant is located in a renovated garage which is complimented by a beautiful glass retractable roof enclosure covering the entire upper floor.

This rooftop patio slides open all summer and is a well known Toronto summer patio destination. But did you know that all winter long, this space is a bright sunny winter wonderland, protected from the cold, guests can dine below snowy skies year round!

boston pizza restaurant patio

Boston Pizza

Calling all sports fans, stargazers and zodiac junkies. Every millennials favourite childhood restaurant just got an upgrade! Boston Pizza is no longer a suburban eatery, Boston Pizza’s Yonge and Gerrard location puts a new spin on sports bars and is a new format of BP found in urban centers.

Located in the heart of the downtown core across from Ikea’s first Urban location, it is the perfect spot to watch one of Toronto's major sports games or even to host your high school reunion. Look no further if you're feeling rather nostalgic but want to maintain the atmosphere. Put on your Raptors Jersey, grab some pasta, and enjoy the game at Boston Pizza.


As we’re writing this it's the middle of January and temperatures will be around -3 degrees this weekend… but it will be sunny. The perfect weather to enjoy an afternoon on an enclosed patio with the sunlight streaming through the closed skylight roof.

Maybe you should think about visiting one of the four restaurants with retractable roof skylights mentioned above to enjoy a little sunshine in the middle of winter.

OpenAire will be exhibiting at IAAPA Expo in Orlando from November 15-18, 2022 at the Orange County Convention Center.

IAAPA Expo is the premier conference and trade show for the global attractions industry. Attractions industry leaders from across the globe find inspirational ideas to create fresh, bold, and unique experiences for their guests. Whether on the show floor or one of the more than 100 educational opportunities, there are thousands of business-changing ideas and innovations at IAAPA Expo 2022.


OpenAire will be at Booth 2644 and we’d love to see you there.

If you’d like to meet a member of our team, please email sales@openaire.com to book a meeting.

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OAKVILLE, ON – October 2022 - Since 2005 OpenAire has been working in a picturesque Bavarian town founded in 1845 by German settlers. While this riverside town is set amidst a large farming community, it is also home to a 2020 James Beard award winning, 1500 seat family restaurant which served its first meal in 1856! The best part, is this is a town in Michigan… !

The City of Frankenmuth, known as Little Bavaria, is a premier national tourist destination, home to less than 5000 residents but attracting 3 million visitors a year! Due in part to a family owned business empire, part of which is Zehnder's Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark. In addition to the hotel and waterpark are an array of amenities including shopping, restaurants, golf, event venues and more.

Zehnders Splash Village Retractable Skylight

What is also unique about this waterpark hotel is that it is literally breaking records and leading the way for construction innovation a growing industry.

While indoor waterparks in the US had their start in the Wisconsin Dells, and have since grown to capture about 12% of the total market1 (https://hladvisors.com/waterpark-resort-development-successes-and-pitfalls/) mostly via privately owned waterpark resorts. It is locations and towns across the nation, like Frankenmuth, who continue to lead innovation in the waterpark industry.

When analyzing the success of the growing North American Waterpark Resort sector across the country, it’s easy to lose focus on what makes a waterpark resorts successful. The “if you build it, they will come” mentality simply doesn’t work. Developers, investors, and operators need to keep in mind several key factors when looking at a new build or significant renovation. The owners at Zehnder’s have done just that. Style of construction, demographics, waterpark size/scale, continual innovation, renovation, management and service are amongst the key factors that allow a space to be successful and maintain its success.

Zehnder's Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark, was originally called the Bavarian Haus Motel, and was purchased by the Zehnders family in 1988. A re-model in 1992 added additional rooms, suites and an indoor pool.

In 2005, a glulam wood framed 20,000 square foot indoor waterpark, was added, built according to best practises at the time. In addition an arcade, dining space, meeting rooms and 63 new family suites were added, geared towards families with young children. The waterpark was extremely popular with hotel guests, and for almost 10 years met the needs of young families and the ownership team.

The next phase of development was in 2014, when a 30,000 sf retractable roof “Atrium" waterpark was added adjacent to the existing indoor park. The new indoor water park included a drop slide, a family raft ride, activity pool and action river geared towards 12-15 year olds. One significant differentiator of this new space was the migration of activities towards an older demographic allowing multigenerational families to enjoy extended holidays together. The other significant difference was the construction style. The new waterpark was built entirely from aluminum, and included glass walls with operable windows and doors for air flow plus a large opening roof.

Not satisfied with the status quo, the owners had done their homework looking for a construction style that would be a better solution for an aquatic venue. One that would not require constant repair. For example most waterparks are built in giant “steel or concrete boxes” without (much) daylight and little to no fresh air. They are subject to the highly corrosive moist air created by the splashing and fun activities. As a result waterpark buildings begin to deteriorate the day the water is added.

The result of traditional construction styles are water parks where moisture permeates all surfaces, all rooms, all areas in and around the park, requiring renovation to fix mold and rot. Its really common for waterparks built in this way to require a new roof every 10 years or so… That is an incredibly costly and labour extensive task, not to mention the lack of revenue while the park is being renovated. The Zehnders management recognized the financial impracticality of such a decision.

With the new Atrium aluminum waterpark, the owners knew there would never be a new roof (or walls) required for their waterpark. As a bonus the open roof cleaned the air in the space making sure it is fresh and bright every day and subsequently allowing for mechanical systems to be turned off or down when the roof is open. The new atrium waterpark, served to secure Zehnder's Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark spot on the national “tourist map” winning various Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Awards.

In 2019, a simple gas line repair in the original glulam waterpark served as the impetus for its renovation, when the repair work uncovered mold in the walls and the roof. The most recent work in 2020/2021 involved ripping off the existing roof and walls and replacing them with an aluminum retractable roof and glass/aluminum curtain wall on the existing glulam structure.

In 2022, the hotel’s indoor pool (built in 1992) was also renovated and an additional retractable roof skylight was added to that area as well.

While the pandemic had slowed demand and growth in 2020 / 2021, Zehnder’s had an incredible 11 months, despite a one month state mandated closure. Strong average daily rates, the growth of “stay-cations” and US centric travel resulted in Zehnder’s having their best year of business in recent history. This despite the downturn of international tourists. This successful year has allowed Zehnder's Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark to continue to upgrade the property at a time when so many businesses had stopped all work and renovation.

The waterpark industry continues to develop and grow in North America. Even at this stage, 2022 already looks to be a return to normal both for operators and for new developers and investors looking for investment opportunities. While staffing and labour shortages continues to be an issue, along with supply chain challenges for goods, consumers appear to be “back”.

The interest in the industry is due to businesses like Zehnder's Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark who are leading the way and encouraging others to do the same. By focusing on demographics, complementary attractions and local tourism, continual property upgrades, branding, theming, fiscal responsibility and a strong focus on management and service, has allowed this facility to overcome typical industry challenges and ride the waves to success.

As a business, the Zehnder’s ownership team continues to lead through innovation in an industry where many still preach the status quo. Zehnder’s is a four season family vacation resort appealing to families, attracting upwards of 3 million yearly visitors with an average yearly occupancy of 60-80%, and 100% at all major holidays.

Guests continually review and comment about the hotels service, freshness, cleanliness and welcoming attitude. The uniqueness of the property, its affordability continually exceeds expectations! It is clear that proper management, expansion, innovation and improvement, are the keys to Zehnder’s long-term strategy for success.

For those looking to get into the waterpark resort sector, Zehnder's Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark sets the bar high. OpenAire continues to work with the ownership team and looks forward to future growth and expansion as part of the team.

About OpenAire

OpenAire has been designing and manufacturing beautiful, high-quality, environmentally conscious retractable roof structures and skylights for over 30 years. We bring unique visions to life from initial design to installation, transforming buildings into sunlit spaces customers love. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, OpenAire is approaching 1,200 projects throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Some of our projects include multiple cruise liners in Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum series of ships; the Rooftop Bar at the Refinery Hotel in New York, NY; Restoration Hardware’s “RH Gallery” in Chicago, IL; Gibson Italia restaurant on the Chicago River at the River Point Tower; Fort Lewis College Observatory for the Geosciences, Physics and Engineering Hall in Durango, CO; Epic Waters Waterpark, Grand Prairie, Texas; Kalahari Resort & Waterpark in Pocono Mountains, PA (the largest waterpark under one roof in the USA); Tropicana Waterpark in Stadthagen, Germany; Jay Peak Ski Resort’s Pump House Indoor Waterpark in Jay, VT; and The Yard (beer garden) at Bally’s Casino Hotel, Atlantic City.

To learn more about OpenAire Inc.’s projects and capabilities, visit https://www.openaire.com/ and follow us on social media.

For more information contact our team:

T: 905-901-8535
E: sales@openaire.com

OpenAire will again be exhibiting at IAAPA Europe. Running from September 12-15 at the London Excel Center, OpenAire will be at booth 2827 during the shown.

In attendance will be Mark Albertine and Wael Atassi.

In addition to the tradeshow Nancy Patterson, Director of Design & Business Development will be moderating a presentation sponsored by WhiteWater called Not your Parents Waterpark.

Nancy will be joined by industry experts:

The presentation will be on Monday September 12, 2022 at 11am during the Waterpark Day Special Session.

Tickets can be purchased at this link: https://www.iaapa.org/expos/iaapa-expo-europe/sessions/water-park-day

For FREE passes to the tradeshow please reach out to to the team sales@openaire.com.

OpenAire & Liv Hospitality Group, have a long term partnership whereby we have been a part of several phases in the expansion and development of WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort in Rapid City, SD.

Rapid City lies east of Black Hills National Forest and is known as a gateway to Mt. Rushmore, the massive iconic sculpture of 4 US presidents set in the heart of a spectacular mountain range just 30 minutes from town.

In recent years visitors to the region has a new destination that is a continually evolving waterpark resort. WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort is a growing complex of five family friendly hotels and an indoor waterpark can boast an average occupancy rate (AOR) of 100 percent! The complex recorded a record setting year in 2021, and has been able to complete a major waterpark update and the construction of a new event center.

During the rest of the year, the same complex has an AOR of 82%. And, despite a reduced volume of international travellers due to Covid travel restrictions, plus state wide lockdowns, this place is renovating, building, growing and expanding their service offerings.

How is that possible after the chaos caused by the Covid pandemic?

The ownership team, has clearly shown their leadership and vision. They have built a resort worth stopping to see and while stopped, something to do, eat, and more. This is NOT a roadside hotel en-route to a bigger better destination, this is a destination!

Guests passing though town to the national visitor sites now have a reason to spend a night or two in the Rapid City, as part of their holiday.

WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort is owned by Liv Hospitality and started in 2005. WaTiki is a complex of 5 hotels; Residence Inn & Suites, Fairfield by Marriott, La Quinta by Wyndham, Home2 Suites, and Courtyard by Marriott, a 30,000 sf waterpark, and opening in 2023, a state of the art event center with over 26,000 sqft of meeting space.

The waterpark receives 120,000 visitors a year and the ownership team have a dedicated, yearly, service and improvement plan.

After a reduced 2020 tourism year in South Dakota, the state's second largest industry rebounded with epic proportions. According to the South Dakota Department of Tourism, the state saw a record year for visitation, which rose 26 percent from last year, with 13.5 million people exploring the state.

watiki expands numbers chart

The Liv Hospitality team has been able to capitalize on the influx of tourism and has flourished.

The WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort continues its annual and bi-annual improvement campaign with projects of all sizes.

The 30,000 sf waterpark continues to be the biggest retractable roof waterpark in South Dakota. Built in 2005, it provides a naturally ventilated, year round, perfect sunny space, full of fresh air and happy guests.

In 2010 Sliders Bar and Grill Restaurant with its own retractable roof was added. The 210 seat bar and restaurant is connected to the main waterpark and includes a portion of one of the slides (with clear fibreglass) where kids slide over the bar out and back into the park.

In 2015, WaTiki added a 2400 sf of additional guest seating that doubles as a party venue to accommodate more guests and events.

In 2020, the waterpark received new roof infill panels (polycarbonate) due to damage from a hail storm. The replacement lasted a quick 16-weeks and was completed after hours so there were NO park closures.

In 2021, due to unprecedented demand and attendance, it was finally time for the waterpark to get a face lift. Closed for 7 weeks, the park was updated with new flooring, new paint on all the slides, new theme lighting so the park can be seen for miles, and a renovated washroom / change rooms space. The park also installed a new “Connect & Go” RFID wrist band system, interconnected with the hotel rooms and arcade and other resort amenities like lockers and food service.

The resort is more than just beds and a pool, the complex boasts a new 1.5 mile walking trail, including illumination for nighttime strolls. Coming in 2022, is a new conference center, named THE BOX, which will offer Youth Sports including a dance competition space, gym, multi courts for volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer and more. The versatile space appeals to groups from church socials, to high school proms, to sports competitions to guests of the yearly Sturgis Bike Rally and the newly Ellsworth B21 Training Facility. This truly is a one of a kind destination in Rapid City, meeting the needs of guests from every walk of life.

Great friendly staff are the backbone to our success, and are the reason guests return year after year to our resort. In addition to all of our wonderful amenities, we hear time and again that guests come here for our wonderful service. Our teams go above and beyond every day, guests feel safe, welcome, the space is clean, bright, friendly and fresh. There is always something new to discover and a helping hand when needed.
~Kayti Ratigan, Chief Operating Officer

At 686 rooms, and a growing amenity portfolio of over 80,000 sf of entertainment space, WaTiki is a destination to watch. The ownership team pride themselves on service above and beyond all marketable amenities and its the reason guests return. That said, the same team continues to innovate, listen to guests requests and requirements and plan for future attractions, additions and more. This resort is a “must-stop” destination for anyone travelling through America’s Heartland. The team here has done everything right to build a successful enterprise!

OpenAire continues to be a proud partner of the Liv Hospitality and WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort Teams. A testament to our relationship is the continued work and service we provide. Also known for our excellent service record and friendly team, we are proud to continue to work with this team to help them lead the way in waterpark resort planning, design, operations and management. Their success is our success and we are so pleased to be part of the future of this amazing destination!

watiki indoor waterpark 0822 2

OpenAire has begun construction of the new 100,000 sf Island Waterpark at The Showboat Resort Atlantic City.

OAKVILLE, ON – March 2022 – OpenAire is pleased to share that Tower Investments Inc, a leading developer of retail, entertainment, mixed use, residential and commercial properties, founded by Bart Blatstein, who is also the owner of Showboat Resort, broke ground in January on a new $100 million indoor water park in Atlantic City.

The 100,000-square-foot park will be called the Island Waterpark and is going to be located at the Showboat Resort Atlantic City. The waterpark is expected to open to the public in 2023.

The retractable roof enclosure by OpenAire will open to the adjacent boardwalk and how everything from an exclusive adults lounge to a zip line and suspended coaster over the largest waterpark in the region. The over 550ft long building will include a variety of adult and kid friendly zones plus large sliding doors that open to the boardwalk.

The Waterpark will include:

atlantic city waterpark featuredOpenAire is pleased to share that the waterpark will sit adjacent to the Showboat Resort and the entirely aluminum enclosure will be able to resist the corrosive effects of both the waterpark and the beachfront ocean air. The operable roof will ensure that the park can be open every day year round.
OpenAire has been designing and building retractable roof enclosures for waterparks for over 30 years. The aluminum structures are maintenance free, corrosion resistant and are naturally ventilated reducing energy consumption and life cycle costs for the waterpark.

The Island Waterpark is the newest part of an ongoing commitment to creating Atlantic City’s first year-round family resort, following the recent opening of the Lucky Snake Arcade at Showboat Resort. The Lucky Snake is an 85,000 sf arcade, featuring more than 300 games, a sports bar, a boxing ring, e-sports gaming, live entertainment stages, and a speakeasy that pays tribute to the town’s history and involvement in prohibition. The newest attraction this Spring to this fabulous arcade is indoor go-carts which will make this the largest arcade on the East Coast.

atlantic city waterpark slideThe Island Waterpark will ensure that the Showboat Resort continues its evolution into THE family friendly resort destination in Atlantic City. The beachfront location and bright space full of new and exciting water attractions and water sports will become a target destination for family fun in the region. The benefit of the fabulous location and assortment of activities is sure to please crowds of all sizes and ages.

About OpenAire

OpenAire has been designing and manufacturing beautiful, high-quality, environmentally conscious retractable roof structures and skylights for over 30 years. We bring unique visions to life from initial design to installation, transforming buildings into sunlit spaces customers love. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, OpenAire is approaching 1,200 projects throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Some of our projects include multiple cruise liners in Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum series of ships; the Rooftop Bar at the Refinery Hotel in New York, NY; Restoration Hardware’s “RH Gallery” in Chicago, IL; Gibson Italia restaurant on the Chicago River at the River Point Tower; Fort Lewis College Observatory for the Geosciences, Physics and Engineering Hall in Durango, CO; Epic Waters Waterpark, Grand Prairie, Texas; Kalahari Resort & Waterpark in Pocono Mountains, PA (the largest waterpark under one roof in the USA); Tropicana Waterpark in Stadthagen, Germany; Jay Peak Ski Resort’s Pump House Indoor Waterpark in Jay, VT; the Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, NV. To learn more about OpenAire Inc.’s projects and capabilities, visit https://www.openaire.com/ and follow us on Twitter. For more details on this project, please e-mail sales@openaire.com.

For more information contact our team;
T: 905-901-8535
E: sales@openaire.com